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Social Movements in Brazil
December 5, 2011 - Uris Hall, Room 153  
Mining, water and rural livelihoods on the Bolivian Altiplano: Exploring contrasting visions of development and justice.
November 21, 2011 - Uris Hall, Room 153  
FLAS Fellowships Announced
November 9, 2011 - G08 Uris Hall  
Transgender Equality and the Work of the National Center for Transgender Equality
November 3, 2011 - 233 Plant Sciences Building  
Dr. Balu Discusses His Work with SVYM
October 19, 2011 - 217 Ives Hall  
The African Resurgence: Drivers and Challenges for Equitable Agricultural Growth
October 19, 2011 - 135 Emerson Hall  
Violence, Partisanship, and Transitional Justice in Zimbabwe
September 29, 2011 - G08 Uris Hall  
CIIFAD Seminar Series - "A Nutrition Message Consistent for All the World"
September 28, 2011 - 135 Emerson Hall  
Labor, Environment, and Human Rights in Colombia
September 19, 2011 - Uris Hall, Room 153  
Tata-­Cornell Agriculture Nutrition Initiative Seminar
September 15, 2011 - 101 Bradfield Hall  
A return to Cornell: Personal Remarks by the President of the Czech
September 24, Statler Auditorium, Ithaca  
Film Screening: What's the Economy for, anyway?
April 14, Ithaca Campus  
"Life & Debt" Documentary Screening
April 12, Ithaca Campus  
Former president of Brazil to speak on global financial crisis
April 7, Ithaca Campus  
Disability & Employment Summer Service Learning Internship in South Africa
Apply by April 5  
Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Recipient and Founder of the Grameen Bank Speaks at Consortium Partner, Syracuse University
February 23, Syracuse University  
India's Development Challenges and Dilemmas: The Role of NGOs in Modern India
February 11, Plant Science Building  
Humanity In Action Fellowships
Application deadline is January 23, 2010  
Scholarships: AFS Intercultural Programs
Application deadline is January 8, 2010  
Critical Language Scholarship Program
Application deadline is December 18  
Panel: "Strategies for Finding an International Internship"
November 18, Barnes Hall Auditorium  
Film Screening & Discussion with Maria Cook
November 6, Ithaca Campus  
Photo Exhibit on Immigration
November 4-December 14, Ithaca Campus  
Managing Risks for Service Trips Outside of the US
October 28, Ithaca Campus  
Worker Representation through Civil Society Organizations: Evidence from Britain
October 21, Ithaca Campus  
German exchange fellowships available
Deadlines are October 23 and November 2  
SHRLOE Symposium: Going Global
October 2, Ithaca Campus  
International Students & Scholars Office needs volunteers for orientation
August 17-20, Ithaca Campus  
Save the Date: A conference on International Labor Standards, Rights, and Beyond
August 14-15, Stanford Law School  
English for International Students and Scholars (EISS)
June 22-July 31, Ithaca Campus  
International Business Experience Courses
June 1-July 24, 4-8 credits, in Bulgaria, Turkey, and Greece  
Collaborate@Cornell: Global Partnerships, Knowledge, and Technology
May 21, Ithaca Campus  
Study Abroad Opportunity: 2009 Chinese Government Scholarship and the Xiamen University Scholarship
Deadline: May 15  
Economic Security for the Working Poor?
April 28, 219 Ives Hall  
Leading Chinese economist Shi Zhengfu to give the Clarke Lecture at Cornell Law School
April 24, Myron Taylor Hall  
YACHANA: A new world model for geotourism, sustainable development and educational equity in the Amazon
April 22, Kennedy Hall  
Activism and Union Renewal: Britain and the USA
April 21, 219 Ives Hall  
IGAC to Participate in ILR DAY Activities
April 20, Ives 2nd floor Lobby  
How Ethnic Diversity Delays Democratization: Lessons from Bosnia & Lebanon
April 16, 225 ILR Conference Center  
Scholars at Risk Network Announces Summer 2009 Internships
Deadline: April 15  
Union Days: New Politics, New Policies: Prospects for Labor in the Obama Administration
April 14-16, Ithaca Campus  
The Politics of Trade and Globalization in the United States
April 14, 105 Ives Hall  
US-Muslim Engagement
April 14, 219 Ives Hall  
Immigrant Workers & Collective Remittances: Government-Migrant Partnerships for Home-Country Development
April 7, 219 Ives Hall  
Study Abroad Fair
April 1, Memorial Room, Willard Straight Hall  
The AFL-CIO's Cold War in Honduras and Beyond
March 31, 219 Ives Hall  
International Women's Day
March 8, Willard Straight Hall  
1st Annual Summit on Women's Issues in Global Health and Development
March 7, Ithaca Campus  
SEAP Brown Bag Lecture Series, "Uncivil Servants: doctors, teachers, and bureaucratic dissent in Thailand"
March 5, Kahin Center  
Job & Internship Search for International Students
March 4, Plant Science Auditorium  
Invisible Discriminations
March 2, 3, & 4, Ithaca Campus  
Info Session: How to Write a Convincing Funding Proposal
February 18, G08 Uris Hall  
ILR/UCD Semester in Dublin Program Orientation
February 11, 215 Ives Hall  
Info Session: Funding Opportunities for Graduate International Studies Research
February 10, G08 Uris Hall  
Apply for Ghana Travel Grant
Summer 2009  
The Working Poor in Today's Globalized World
January 29, New York City  
Job & Internship Interview Preparation for International Students
January 20, 223 Plant Science Building  
Einaudi Center Seed Grant Competition
Application deadline is January 15  
Managing in Asia
New course, Spring 2009 Semester  
Coalitions, Campaigns & Capacity: Building a Global Union at Gerdau
December 2, 217 Ives Hall  
21st Annual Traditional American Thanksgiving Feast
November 27, Robert Purcell Marketplace  
Winter Course Sign-up: Business in Emerging Markets
Registration now  
International Internship Panel: Strategies for Finding an International Internship
November 19, Barnes Hall  
Cornell Celebrates International Education Week
November 17-21, Ithaca Campus  
Distinguished Guest Speakers from the German Labor Movement
November 17, Ives Hall  
Unauthorized Migration, Securitization, and Migrant Advocacy
November 11, 217 Ives Hall  
Out of Iraq? Options for the New U.S. President
November 10, Kennedy Hall  
Nancy Birdsall to address global development policy issues for the next U.S. President
November 3, Goldwin Smith Hall  
Global Health Field Experience Discussion Panels
Oct. 30, Nov. 6, Nov. 12, 200 Savage Hall  
ESCP-EAP Faculty Research Workshop
October 28, 329 ILR Conference Center  
Otto Jacobi, ILR Visiting Fellow presents
October 28, 217 Ives Hall  
Human Rights for All: Beyond Our Reach?
October 21, Kennedy Hall  
Info Sessions: Become a Public Service Center Scholar
October 6, Ithaca Campus  
Persistence of the School Entry Age Effect in a School Tracking System
October 6, Ithaca Campus  
Employee Representation and Voice in Multinational Companies
October 3, Ithaca Campus  
ILR China Conference
September 26-28, Ithaca Campus  
New World, New Winners: Lenovo's Strategies for Winning in a Borderless World
September 16, Ithaca Campus  
Two Logics of Labor Organizing in Global Production Networks
September 15, Ithaca Campus  
Funding Opportunities for International Grad Students Info Session
September 9, Ithaca Campus  
Job and Internship Interview Preparation Workshop
September 4, Ithaca Campus  
Fulbright U.S. Student Program Information Meeting
August 28, Ithaca Campus  
Volunteers Needed to Help ISSO
July 11, Ithaca Campus  
America and the World: Foreign Policy Issues for the Next President
June 6, Ithaca Campus  
Monitoring Freedom of Association Seminar
May 15-16, New York City  
Call for Papers: UCLA Graduate Student Conference
May 9-10, 2008, UCLA  
Call for Papers
European Union Studies Association  
Luigi Einaudi Lecture: Hope or Despair? The Future of Low-Paid Work in Europe and the U.S.
March 31, Ithaca  
Brettschneider Lecture "The Emergence of an Anglo-Saxon Model? Convergence in Industrial Relations Institutions"
March 25, Ithaca  
Iraqi High Tribunal: The End of Immunity
March 24, Ithaca Campus  
Call for Papers: 3rd Annual Graduate Student Conference on the EU
March 1 2008, University of Pittsburgh  
International Flag Painting event
Feb 28, Trillium, 2nd floor  
Transformation of French Industrial Relations: Statism in a Post-Dirigiste Era
February 26, 2008  
Dual Degree with European School of Management
February 15, 115 Ives Hall  
ILR Study Abroad Info Session
January 28, Ives Hall  
Peace Corps General Information Session
November 29, 2007/Warren Hall B-32  
ISSO Newsletter
October 14 2007  
Student tickets available for Dalai Lama talk
October 9, Ithaca Campus  
Fellowship oppotunities for Juniors from any college
Deadline: 1st November, 2007  
Global Labor Institute Brown Bag Lunch with Oscar Olivera
September 14, New York City  
Fall 2007 Information Sessions on Grants and Fellowships for Graduate International Studies Research
Wednesdays in G08 Uris Hall at 4:30 pm  
Fulbright U.S. Student Program Information meeting
August 29, G08 Uris Hall  
ISSO Newsletter
Summer 2007  
Seminar on European Works Councils
July 9-16, Bochum University, Bochum, Germany  
New International Students: 2007-08 Information
July 1 2007  
Teaching World Culture Through Art
June 25-26, Cornell Campus  
Schooling and Support for Democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa
May 17, Uris Hall  
ISSO Newsletter: April 2007
April 2007  
Settling the Recent Public Sector General Strike in Israel: The Dual Role of the Court as Mediator and Adjudicator
April 24, Ives 219  
Military Repression Against Labor in Latin America in the 1970s: The Case of Operation Candor
April 23, Ithaca Campus  
24th Annual Cornell CEAA Engineering Conference “The Impact of Globalization on Business and Technology”
April 20-21, Ithaca Campus  
International conference on Chinese capitalism
April 20-21, Ithaca Campus  
Imaging Ethiopia: Monarchy and Modernity
April 20-21, Ithaca Campus  
Joschka Fischer named the 26th Bartels World Affairs Fellow
April 18, Ithaca Campus  
Sharing the U.S. Labor Experience Overseas
April 16, Ithaca Campus  
China's Labor Contract Law and the Pressures of Globalization
April 5, Ithaca Campus  
Zhou Wenzhong, China's U.S. ambassador, to lecture on Sino-American relations and economic development
April 5, Ithaca Campus  
Pratyoush Onta, "NGOs and Knowledge Generation: Reflections on the Knowledge Enterprise in Nepal"
April 12, Ithaca Campus  
Doctoral Dissertation Seed Grant Competition
Deadline March 31  
International Symposium on Self-Organizing Online Communities
March 29-31, Ithaca Campus  
International Labor Rights in North America
March 29, Ithaca Campus  
Finding Careers in International Labor
March 29, Ithaca Campus  
ISSO's March 2007 Newsletter
March 2007  
Coopting Globalization: South Korea and Japan
March 9, Ithaca Campus  
ESCP-EAP Fall 2007
Application Due March 2  
Clarke Program in East Asian Law and Culture Colloquium Series: Sally Engle Merry: Making Women's Human Rights in the Vernacular: Legal Pluralism and Traveling Rights in India, China, and the USA
March 2, Ithaca Campus  
Africa Week 2007
March 2nd - 10th, Ithaca Campus  
Celebrating Global Cultures at the Johnson Museum
February 23, Ithaca Campus  
Visas After Graduation
February 21, Ithaca Campus  
Coalition of Pan-African Scholars
February 21, Ithaca Campus  
Through the Eyes of Nigerian Artists: Confronting Female Genital Mutilation
February 19, Ithaca Campus  
Mitchell Orenstein ILRCB 980 Workshop
February 13, Cornell Campus  
Foreign Policy Distinguished Speaker Series
February 6, Ithaca Campus  
Job/Internship Interview Preparation Workshop for International Students
February 6, Ithaca Campus  
Internship Training Seminar
February 6 & 7, Stimson Hall  
The 11th European Career Fair
February 2-4, Cambridge, MA  
The Political Economy of Technology Development: The Case of China's Information Technology Section
January 22, Ithaca Campus  
The Challenge of Sustainable Development: Lessons from Turkey's GAP (the Southeastern Anatolia Project)
December 4, 135 Emerson Hall  
Contemporary IR and HR Issues in Ireland and the European Union
November 29, Cornell Campus  
Sexual Violence During War: Toward an Explanation of Variation
November 27, Ithaca Campus  
Blunting Neo-liberalism? Tripartism and Economic Reforms in the 1990s in Asia, Africa, S. America and Eastern Europe
November 21, 111 Ives Hall  
Cornell Welcomes Leading Expert on China’s Economic Boom
November 16-17, Ithaca Campus  
Urban Africa, current issues and trends in African cities
November 15, Ithaca Campus  
Labor Rights in China
November 11, Ithaca Campus  
The Role of Relative Status in Social Exchange Work
November 10, Ithaca Campus  
Labor Market Adjustment to Globalization: Long-Term Employment in the U.S. and Japan
November 6, 215 Ives Hall  
Reconciling Paid and Unpaid Work:
North-South Differences
November 1, Ithaca Campus  
Effects of HRM policies on performance in a retail firm, Panu Kalmi of Finland
October 31, Ithaca Campus  
Film: Food Connections in a Global Context
October 31, Ithaca Campus  
Bengali Cultural Night
October 28, Ithaca Campus  
Global Leadership: Winning in the Dynamic Marketplace
October 27, Ithaca Campus  
A Comparative Study of Symphony Orchestra Musicians - U.S & U. K.
October 24, Ithaca Campus  
Measuring and Explaining Management Practices Across Firms and Countries
October 23, Ithaca Campus  
"Visas After Graduation" Presentation
October 23, Ithaca Campus  
Distinguished Lecture in Honor of Alice Hanson Cook
October 19, ILR Conference Center  
International Labour Law and Judicialization of Legal Systems in a
Multi-level Legal Context: Rethinking Immigration
October 17, Ithaca Campus  
Achievements and Challenges in Chinese Higher Education
October 16, Goldwin Smith Hall  
Gender and Biodiversity in Vicos, Peru
October 11, Ithaca Campus  
Reward Allocation Preferences of US and Chinese Employees
October 11, Ithaca Campus  
The Future of International Labor Standards
October 3, Ithaca Campus  
Transforming India's Rural Economy
October 2, Ithaca Campus  
ILR School's 2006 Fall Convocation
September 29, Ithaca Campus  
The Gender Asset Gap: What Do We Know
September 27, Ithaca Campus  
"Co-Managers and Political Entrepreneurs: Labor Transnationalism at Four Multinational Auto Companies"
September 26, Ithaca Campus  
Globalization and the Transnational Movement of Labor: The Migration of Nurses
September 19, Ithaca Campus  
What is Foreign in Cultural Studies: Mapping the Field from Hong Kong
September 18, Ithaca Campus  
Society for the Humanities marks 40th anniversary with symposium
September 15-16, Ithaca Campus  
Food Chains: Workers & Farmers vs. Free Trade & Agribusiness
June 14, New York City  
English for International Students and Scholars
Summer 2006, Ithaca Campus  
Information Sessions - Fulbright and Fulbright-Hays Programs 2007-2008
May 10, Ithaca Campus  
Global Labor Institute Conference Series: A Sustainable World is Possible
May 8, New York City  
Fourth Annual Transatlantic Social Dialogue Conference
May 5-6, Ithaca Campus  
Labor Unions and Democracy in Ukraine
May 2, Ithaca Campus  
“Social Pacts as 'Coalitions of Weak and Moderate':Ireland, Italy, and South Korea in Comparative Perspective”
April 25, Ithaca Campus  
International Labor Law Panel Discussion
April 19, Ithaca Campus  
Globalizing HRM, What the Research Says
April 18, Ithaca Campus  
Gender Equity and Post-Conflict Resolution: Comparing Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and Rwanda
April 12, Ithaca Campus  
Funding for Graduate International Studies Research
March 29, Ithaca Campus  
Translating Empowerment from Theory to Practice: Intervention Research in South Asia
February 16, Ithaca Campus  
From Social-Democratic to Community Unionism
February 15, 280 Ives, Doherty Lounge  
Global Unions Conference
February 9-11, 2006, New York City  
Contentious Transition: Politics of Work in China's Rustbelt and Sunbelt
February 2, Ithaca Campus  
Gender and Conflict Zones: Lecture and Reception
February 1, Ithaca Campus  
Legal Implications of the Impact of Globalization on Labor Standards
January 24, Ithaca Campus  
Graduate International Studies Grants & Fellowships Info Sessions
Fall 2005, Ithaca Campus  
The Social Security System in Turkey
December 14, Ithaca Campus  
After the Split: The Future of Labor's International Agenda
November 22, Ithaca Campus  
Feeding the Beast: Worker and Supervisor Views on their Changing Roles
November 22, Ithaca Campus  
Quo vadis Europe? The Franco-German Dialogue and the European Community
November 11, Ithaca Campus  
Education is an Organizational Task: The Educational Work of the German Metal Workers' Union
November 7, Ithaca Campus  
The Emerging Multi-Level Industrial Relations System in Europe
November 4, Ithaca, 280 Ives Hall  
Call Centers: Flexible Workforms in a Coordinated Economy
November 1, Ithaca Campus  
African Statesman and Former President of Botswana Will Speak at Cornell
October 31, Ithaca Campus  
Protected Mobility for Employment and Decent Work
October 25, Ithaca Campus  
Dean of Peking University to give Oct. 28 lecture on China-U.S. relations
October 28, Ithaca Campus  
U.S. Collective Bargaining in a Global, Knowledge-Driven Economy
October 18, Ithaca Campus  
Gannett Health Services' Open House for International Students (pdf)
October 6, Gannett Health Services Main Lobby  
Centro de Idiomas Abroad Program Info Session
October 5, Ithaca Campus  
Campus Workshop: Interested in Europe? Undergraduate Information Meeting
October 4, 2005, Ithaca Campus  
United Nations Trip: Sign-ups Start September 14
September 30, New York City  
Campus Workshop: Tracking Global Labor
September 28, Ithaca Campus  
Campus Workshop: Immigrant Workers and Labor Law: The Cutting-Edge Issues
September 27, Ithaca Campus  
Turkey: Culture Change and Development
September 26-October 1, Ithaca Campus  
Campus Workshops: Adjusting to US Academic Culture
September 20, Ithaca Campus  
Campus Workshop: The Optimal Design of Unemployment Insurance and Employment Protection
September 19, Ithaca Campus  
Cornell Abroad Info Sessions
Fall 2005, Ithaca Campus  
The Future of Europe: Lobbying in Brussels
European Summer Institute, Prague
July 31-August 7, European Summer Institute, Prague  
Monitoring Freedom of Association Training Program
May 23-25, 2005, New York, NY  
ILR Co-Hosts Transatlantic Social Dialogue Meeting in Berlin
May 20-21, 2005  
Brazil in Interdisciplinary Perspective
April 29-30, 2005, Ithaca, NY  
Spring 2005 Campus Workshops
Spring 2005 Campus Workshops  
Strategies for Urban Labor Revitalization: Union Campaigns in Large, Midsize, and Global Cities
October 1-2, 2004, Ithaca, NY  
Fall 2004 Campus Workshops
Fall 2004, Campus Workshops  
Spring 2004 Campus Workshops
Spring 2004, Campus Workshops  
Globalizing US Employment Law: Mexico's Foreign Employer Law & Recruited Mexican Workers
February 14th, 280 Ives Hall  
Iraq: The Present Crisis and its Implications for Stability in the Middle East
Cornell Ithaca Campus  
Conflict at Work: Labor Disputes and China's Rule of Law
March 14, Ithaca Campus  
Visiting Fellow Presents: Solidarity Whenever
March 28, 2006 Ithaca Campus  
The Changing Chinese Local Unions: Toward Uneven Transformation?
April 4, Ithaca Campus  
America and the World A Current Events Roundtable
June 8, 2007, G10 Biotechnology Building  
NSEP Info Meeting
September 18th, 2:30pm, Uris G-88  
Katie Quan Presentation: China vs. U.S.? Multi-Lateral Trade Quotas
February 12, 215 Ives Hall  
Qualified to Lead? Why Research Universities Should be Led by Top Scholars"
Monday, February 25th, 2007, 115 Ives Hall  
Volunteers Needed for PREPARE 2008
Online, Sign up Today  
Dialogues on Diversity: Learning to Work Cross-Culturally
New course, Spring 2009 Semester  
"Doomed to Fail: Barack Obama's Foreign Policy" - Stephen Walt
September 16, Ithaca