Joanna Siu, '11

GE Capital
Norwalk, CT

“I’ve seen ideas from lectures implemented in business.”

Compensation was just something I stumbled into. I had no idea what it was and the nuances of the function until I started my internship. Now I have fallen in love with the specialty and will be doing it full-time after graduation.

At the time of my onboarding, GE Capital was undergoing changes that led to a lot of new ideas and projects. I was lucky enough to join the team at a time when the company was just starting to warm up to compensation philosophies, practices and tools that it had never historically done before. Not only did I learn a lot through these innovative projects, but I also felt like I was a part of something larger.

I had the opportunity to work cross-functionally, which helped me understand how the different functions of HR -- from recruiting to compensation -- fit together as a whole. Working with Recruiting allowed me to see what companies are looking for, how candidates for jobs are evaluated. I gained an insider’s perspective for myself when going on interviews.

The group that I worked with was amazing, inspirational and a little crazy. By working on teams, I met important people like the VP of HR for the entire business. I really enjoyed the culture of the company and the interest everyone had in my development.

In addition to paying me, my company provided me with housing in Connecticut. The only thing I had to pay for was food.

The internship is an amazing program. It allowed me to be knee-deep in the professional world. I’ve also seen how frameworks and ideas taught in lectures and in textbooks are applied and implemented in a multibillion dollar business.

If it weren’t for the internship, I never would have realized that compensation was such an interesting and important field in HR. I received a full-time offer to join the company after graduation and I am so excited to start my career at a world-renown company.

- Joanna Siu, '11