Asha Seebalack, BS '09

Towers Watson

“This internship helped me get my Compensation Analyst job.”

Asha Seebalack

I was absolutely blown away that a program like the ILR Credit Internship Program existed. To be able to gain ILR credit practically anywhere in the world with a great likelihood of also getting paid?!

And after graduation, my internship helped me get my current position as Compensation Analyst at a reinsurance firm.

During my internship at Watson Wyatt Worldwide (now Towers Watson), I was assigned to work with the compensation team of a well known bank in New York City, reading the employment contracts of the executives and determining the benefits based on a variety of termination scenarios. To my delight, it was just like reading contracts in my Labor Law class!

I was pulled on board a huge global project, creating jobs/pay structures and assigning employees for the bank which had just merged and needed to overhaul its entire compensation plan (that is, new jobs, terminations, new titles, promotions/demotions, new business units, etc.). Suddenly my days were consumed with employee mappings, job level changes and evaluations.

Compensation is a very interesting topic -- especially in our current climate where the public is becoming more aware of the compensation of others and, of course, of top level executives. That’s why it’s wonderful ILR is offering a comprehensive compensation curriculum because there is so much more involved than most people realize.

I absolutely loved my internship! Not once did I feel like the quintessential ‘intern.’ Rather, I was on the same level as the other analysts within the office. I made and received calls and collaborated with not only the team in the New York office but also with members of the Philadelphia, Chicago and London offices.

My hard work was not ignored. During the third week of April I came into work and received a last minute meeting request for 5:30 pm that day. The meeting was actually an impromptu “thank-you” from management for all the hard-work on the project. I definitely felt very appreciated knowing that my extra work had been recognized.

Not only did I gain knowledge in the arena of compensation consulting, but I grew professionally, experiencing the corporate atmosphere internally and externally through representation to clients.

Also, choosing an internship in New York City was even better than I imagined. The class was small, six of us altogether, and we became a close knit group.

Every ILRie should consider ILR’s internship program. It provides amazing academic, professional and career opportunities.

- Asha Seebalack, BS '09