Students at ICS

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The Institute for Compensation Studies (ICS) offers students from across Cornell University an interdisciplinary research, classroom, and internship community focused on probing and analyzing the full spectrum of issues and challenges surrounding monetary and non-monetary rewards from work.

Student Research Activities

In addition to the many courses offered at Cornell in New York City and in Ithaca, the Institute engages a number of students from diverse disciplinary backgrounds in research projects with ICS faculty and staff. These students include undergraduates, professional masters students and Ph.D. students.

Current Projects

Student Degree Program Research Project
Destin Royer A&S '18 The Effects of E-Commerce Utilization on Wage Distribution and Employment in the Retail Sector
Theresa Ra A&S '17 Technology and Employment / Employment Situation
Soo In Kim MILR '16 TSR and Superstar Pay (PDF, 137 KB)
Yifei Li MILR '16 Motivating Innovation with Performance Pay (PDF, 325 KB)


Past Projects

Student Degree Program Research Project
Hanna Blunden ILR '16 Pet-Friendly Workplace
Christine Gabrellian ILR '15 Judicial Salaries
Crystal Lee MILR '15 Superstar Pay
Nicolas Lozano ILR '16 Illinois Salary Survey
Kristen Lovely ILR '18 Green Infrastructure Project
Michael Major ILR '17 Compensation in Nonprofits
Shu Miao MILR '16 Superstar Pay
Valeria San Juan CALS '16 Green Infrastructure Project
Carly Villa ILR '17 Historical Forestry Salary Survey
Wenhai Yang A&S '15 Mental Health and the Labor Market