Leadership & Organization

Linda Barrington
Associate Dean of External Relations, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business
Executive Director, Institute for Compensation Studies
Tel: (607) 255-0176

Barrington has completed research on labor market trends, compensation and rewards, and workforce barriers for underrepresented populations. She has published in the Review of Economics and Statistics, the Journal of Economic History, the Historical Statistics of the U.S., and the WorldatWork Journal, as well as numerous business reports. Her recent book Employment and Work: Key Issues and Future Directions is published in the SAGE Reference Series on Disability. Read Barrington's CV...
Hassan Enayati
Assistant Executive Director
Tel: (815) 526-3992

Enayati’s research with ICS relies on the methodological approaches developed in labor economics and, more broadly, applied microeconomics to examine employment and compensation questions including executive compensation, mergers and acquisitions, involvement with the criminal justice system, disability gaps, and the green infrastructure workforce. Read Enayati's bio…

Christine Cotton (cc336@cornell.edu)

Program Coordinator

Tel: (607) 255-5324    

Sue Snyder (sms237@cornell.edu)

Administrative Assistant

Tel: (607) 254-8856

Christine and Sue manages the various requests for the Institute for Compensation Studies.

The Institute for Compensation Studies continues to benefit from consultation with Founding Director, Kevin F. Hallock. Hallock is the Dean, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, Professor of Strategy and Business Economics, Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management and Joseph R. Rich ’80 Professor of Economics and Human Resource Studies, ILR School. His recent projects include research on executive and board compensation, wage differentials, and retirement systems. Hallock’s most recent book, PAY: Why People Earn What They Earn, is published by Cambridge University Press. Read more…