Tools for Proposal Preparation

Proposal Preparation: Start Here

The first step of proposal preparation is to contact the ILR Sponsored Research Office using the attached instructions (PDF, 227 KB).

Helpful Resources

  • How to Find Funding Opportunities
  • How to Sign Up For Funding Alerts
  • Examples of Draft Simple Budget (the budget is a crucial part of the project, to know what resources will be available to support the scope of work.  Involve our office at the very beginning, to help you understand what project acitivities are able to be accomplished).
  • Example of Staff Allocation Chart (this can be very useful to do in the beginning as it will help you organize all the tasks, and the staffing and effort needed to accomplish the tasks.)
  • OSP has a very useful proposal check list, to make sure that all of the information provided to them is accurate and complete. Proposal Checklist

Stock/Boilerplate Language to use for Proposals (Resources, Descriptions)

ILR Expert Directory/ VIVO

Proposal Writing Tips