How to Find Funding Opportunities

There are many different places you can start. Of course, you can do a good internet search.

For almost all federal sponsors go to

(You can also sign up for automatic funding alert notices, please see next page)

Grant Forward

Cornell University subscribes to Grant Forward – search for federal grants, foundations, and limited submission opportunities.  You can also set up automated funding alerts.

Foundation Center

Cornell University subscribes to the Foundation Center.  You need to access it through the Cornell University Library, in order to access all of the search features available to you. 

Go to, enter “The Foundation Directory Online” in the search box, then click on the Foundation directory link. That will take you to the Foundation Center Directory.Click on “Search Grantmakers”

New York State Funding Portal

New York State now has a funding portal, but looking agency specific is also a good idea.  This is a list of various websites you could use: