Leading People: Management Practices in Changing Times

It is often said that the only constant is change. This is particularly true of organizations and of the evolving role of HR within those organizations. Whether dealing with the external environment, driving growth, focusing on turnaround situations, or handling situations involving mergers and acquisitions, organizations are in a constant state of change.

In this environment, HR professionals are called upon to adapt their organization’s people management practices to new realities while maintaining and improving upon current levels of organizational performance. Successfully designing, aligning, and implementing adaptive people management practices is an essential component of HR strategic partnership and value delivery.

This intensive one-day session will allow you to: maximize your knowledge of market-based environmental factors causing change, understand and assess the multiple models that are available, develop appropriate strategies for handling change, align your people management efforts with strategic organizational goals, and measure your success as a value proposition to the organization. After completing this on-site session, participants from your organization will be able to:

  • Understand the environments causing change
  • Develop a strategic context for handling such change
  • Focus on the people and business issues requiring adaptation
  • Develop an HR-based "flex plan" in dealing with shifting consequences
  • Align your HR "flex plan" with business goals
  • Design initiatives based on process assessment
  • Develop action-oriented readiness plans for handling change

Key Topics

  • Organizational change: what it is, where it happens, why it happens, how it happens – and how it impacts HR
  • A strategic context of adaptation: the three languages
  • Change definitions and models: an HR perspective
  • Developing and implementing an HR "flex plan"
  • Understanding the roles & skills required for "flex" initiatives
  • Vertical & horizontal dynamics of people practices alignment
  • Eight steps to effective adaptation
  • Measuring success in "flex" initiatives

Who Will Benefit

Teams of HR professionals at all levels in your organization who have responsibility for designing, guiding, and/or adapting people management practices


Robert K. Prescott