Certification (CCDP/AP)

Cornell Certified Diversity Professional/Advanced Practitioner (CCDP/AP)

The Cornell Certified Diversity Professional/Advanced Practitioner (CCDP/AP) is intended for diversity professionals with a minimum of three years substantive experience in the diversity and/or EEO field, who wish to hone their skills and increase their depth of knowledge.


To become a CCDP/AP, applicants must have a minimum of three years' experience as a diversity professional, and must successfully complete the Diversity Management Certificate program. They must then complete the CCDP/AP application (PDF, 236 KB) and receive permission from the director to enter the CCDP/AP program. Once accepted, they must complete the following additional requirements:

  • Classwork: CCDP/AP applicants must complete the Advanced Diversity Strategies class, as well as one additional 200 or 300 level class from the diversity curriculum. Applicants may take the exam prior to completing their additional required 200 or 300 level elective.
  • Project: Applicants must successfully complete a diversity-related project. The project must be on a current issue in diversity and related to the applicant's diversity work in his or her organization or private practice. Applicants have up to six months following receipt of a passing grade on the exam to submit their projects. For the project guidelines, please contact ILR Customer Service at ilrcustomerservice@cornell.edu.
  • Exam: Applicants must pass an exam, which will consist of both multiple choice and essay questions.
  • The certification exam tests only the classes offered as part of the Diversity Management Certificate, and Advanced Diversity Strategies.

Examination Information

Applicants intending to take the exam must register for the exam with ILR Customer Service no later than 30 days prior to the exam.

Two hours are allotted to complete the exam, which will be administered at the New York City Conference Center. An optional, complimentary review session is available prior to the exam. Review and exams are held twice each year, in December and in May.

CCDP/AP exam grades are provided within one month after the exam. For updated information about the dates and any other questions, please contact ILR Customer Service.

The cost of the exam is $1,000.


In order to retain your CCDP/AP certification, you must recertify (no later than three months following your recertification date each year) by continuing to develop your knowledge of the field.

The preferred method of recertification is to take an additional upper level Cornell elective. A complete list of additional options for satisfying the recertification requirements may be obtained by contacting ILR Customer Service.

Documentation of having met recertification requirements must be provided to the Director of the program.

Use of the CCDP/AP Credential

Certified individuals are issued a certificate attesting that they have met the standards of the Cornell program and are entitled to make the public aware of their credentialed status from Cornell through the use of the initials CCDP/AP after their names. Certification must be maintained via the methods provided above. Individuals who do not maintain their certification are no longer entitled to use the credential. Practitioners are responsible for maintaining their certification credentials and updating their files as necessary.