Hardware Standards and Procurement Procedures


All requests for purchasing technology related equipment must be initiated through the ILR Tech Services office. Submit a hardware purchase request and an ILR Tech Services consultant will respond to you within 24 business-hours.

Due to the enormous number of technology solutions available in the marketplace, ILR Tech Services continuously researches and tests technologies that will function properly in our environment and takes advantage of many different agreements Cornell University has with multiple vendors to ensure the best possible pricing is received. Most requests for hardware will be complete within 15 business days.

The desktops and laptops we purchase are determined by a campus wide “bundling” committee to ensure the items purchased will meet global data processing needs based on position functionality, e.g., most Administrative Assistants need a standard desktop for word processing capabilities while a Sr. Research Associate requires a high end processor for massive number crunching.

Due to rapidly advancing processor speeds, ILR Tech Services has extended its PC rotation cycle from 3 to 4 four years.


All requests to repair or troubleshoot technology related hardware problems (exceptions listed below) must be submitted to the ILR Tech Services Desktop Support queue. Most computers and peripherals are covered under a warranty agreement, and ILR Tech Services is responsible for contacting the appropriate vendor for replacement parts.

Hardware procured and supported by ILR Tech Services

Desktop and laptop computers; monitors, keyboards, and mice; printers, external hard drives and external modems; Distance Learning and Classroom Technology equipment; File, Print, Application and Web Servers; and Firewalls

Hardware NOT supported

  • Stand Alone Fax Machines
  • Phones – Mobile or Office
  • Copiers – (we manage administration of account for multifunction devices)