Software Center

Software Center is a quick and easy way to install Cornell applications without administrative rights or having to obtaining installation software.  Software Center can use leveraged on any ILR Windows 10 networked computer to install software you need.



1) Enter Software Center

Mouse click in the Search Windows box or magnifying glass (located to the right of the Start menu  on the bottom left on the desktop) and type in Software CenterSelect Software Center.

2) Select and Install Software

Within Software Center, select the desired software -> click Install.  When the Install button charges to Uninstall, the software has been succesfully installed.  Also, checking the status is another cue that the software is installed.  The status will change to Installed.

*In the screen shots below, the Adobe Creative Desktop Application is installed to illustrate the installation process thru Software Center.*


(select desired software)


(Software Installed)

3) Finding Installed Programs After Installation

To find the installation software, either go to the Start Menu on the bottom left on your desktop under Recently added or type in the program name such as Adobe Creative Cloud within Search Windows.  If the magnifying glass appears instead of Search Windows, it functions the same Search Windows.  Click on the magnifying glass and type in the name of the software recently installed.