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Why Customized Learning for Human Resources?

CustomHuman resource executives are those most likely to provide training and development opportunities for company employees.  Those opportunities are thoroughly researched, evaluated and budgeted to ensure they meet employee and firm needs.  And HR professionals usually make the decisions when it comes to larger investments of time and money for broad-based, strategic development initiatives.

Yet, like the proverbial cobbler’s children, the HR function itself is often left out of those opportunities—unless a senior HR leader or the CEO takes true ownership for HR development.  Those leaders know that strategic development opportunities are critical for ensuring that HR managers have the tools necessary to deliver results.  Our custom development programs allow HR leaders to address specific firm challenges and needs within a shared organizational framework.  Customized learning experiences can also help achieve faster and more enduring results, especially when you need to align HR people, process and systems around a new or changing business strategy.

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When Does Customized Learning Make Sense?

  • Before and during major organizational changes — Mergers, acquisitions, new market entry, global expansion, rapid growth, or planned down-sizing
  • Prior to a planned organizational transformation — Identifying and building new organizational competencies is at the core of successful transformation.
  • Periodically grounding your HR talent and leadership pipeline — This is not just a concern within other business units - it is equally as critical to develop and protect your HR talent.  Providing relevant, targeted learning opportunities to specific talent pools demonstrates an investment in their success as well as your firm’s.
  • Cohort strategic career development on your schedule — Develop a cohort of HR managers throughout their careers within your organization; identify optimal timing for training while minimizing travel costs and time away from work.