Entrepreneurial Leadership

A combination of rapidly shifting economic forces, prolific technology, demographic fluctuation and social change is fostering a climate that favors and generates entrepreneurial activity in many forms. Entrepreneurs have become catalysts for economic and social change and innovation, altering traditional career trajectories, models of organizational structure and industry dynamics.

Cornell University's Entrepreneurial Leadership Initiative (ELI) leverages research and education to inform and influence the discourse surrounding the definition of impactful entrepreneurial activity, build individual and organizational entrepreneurial capabilities, and support the human capital development goals of organizations and countries committed to entrepreneurial growth and innovation.


ELI provides executive and professional educational programs that expand individual and organizational entrepreneurial leadership capability. Pragmatically focused programs are developed from Cornell’s perspective and leading research, which synthesizes the most contemporary entrepreneurial methods and tools. All ELI programs are designed to be highly interactive and applicable. Program content and design can be customized, as required, to meet particular audience needs.

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Entrepreneurial work is significantly distinct from other types of work in the way that it originates, manifests itself and affects the enterprise, the individual(s) involved and the economic landscape. Drawing upon the research and experience of the Entrepreneurship@Cornell faculty, as well as other experts in the field, ELI will integrate leading edge insights from diverse entrepreneurial perspectives and translate the most relevant research for application in real-life scenarios.