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Student Organizations



ILR students have traditionally created and joined organizations that express and advance their interests. The vitality and programs of the organizations depend to a great extent upon the interests and the energy of a changing student body.

Any officially registered ILR student organization interested in space for a Web site should go to the Cornell Student Activity Organization website:

ILR Ambassadors

ILR Ambassadors are student volunteers who host prospective students. Current students who would like to join this group and prospective students who would like to schedule a visit should send an email to

ILR Global Affairs Club (IGAC)

The club's founders have established IGAC as a neutral organization that will serve the interests of both labor activists and business enthusiasts. Since IGAC seeks to foster open discussion and debate around international topics, it will strive to provide outlets for leadership and learning to complement ILR classroom instruction with applied experience.

President (2020-2021): Terrill Malone '21,
Advisor: Donna Ramil,

ILR Sports Business Society (SBS)

Located in the Cornell University ILR School, the Sports Business Society (ILRSBS) is an undergraduate student organization with the goal of educating those interested in opportunities in the sports industry. The club provides a forum for all members to demonstrate their interests through our blog, radio show, and magazine. Our guest speakers and club events allow members to learn about different sports industries and network with people in the sports world. Students from all colleges and majors are welcome to our weekly meetings. If you would like to be added to our listserv, please contact our President of Operations, Mike Seitz,

The club is a registered student organization and a founding member of the Ivy League Sports Business Network. Visit their website at:

Co-Presidents (2020-2021): Eliza Sherman '21, & Josh Gershenfeld '21,
Advisor: Kevin Harris,
Phone: (607) 255-2223

ILR Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) annually elects officers who are representative of each of the classes, including Transfer students. These individuals are joined by officers of other ILR student groups to constitute a general governing body for student issues in the School. A Freshman and Transfer class representative is elected early in the fall semester. Email us at for more information!

President (2020-2021): TBD
Advisors: Rebecca Schimenti, & Kara Lombardi,
Phone: (607) 255-2223

ILR Women's Caucus

The ILR Women's Caucus strives to empower women and educate students on current events related to gender equality by hosting bi-weekly meetings focused on impactful dialogue. Engaging in advocacy, fostering mentorships (both professional and personal), and providing development opportunities for skills vital to success, the Women's Caucus aims to inspire women. Through impactful conversations, our membership convenes to expand the discussion on gender issues with a focus on, but not limited to, the workplace. With an emphasis on inclusivity, diversity, intersectional feminism, and psychological safety, we happily welcome people of all majors, genders, and identities to attend our meetings. 

Presidents (2020-2021): Anika Fischer '23, & Hannah Schmelkin '22,
Advisor: Professor Rosemary Batt,

Minority ILR Student Organization (MILRSO)

The Minority ILR Student Organization (MILRSO) provides social, academic, and pre-professional support to its members. Open to all ILR students, MILRSO fosters cross-cultural friendships and dialogue. MILRSO also coordinates an annual symposium and workshops that address the experiences of people of color in the workplace, They maintain corporate and alumni contacts to aid in members' professional development.

President (2020-2021): TBD
Advisor: Jessie Mancilla,
Phone: (607) 255-2223

People's Organizing Collective (POC)

Do you want to help make Cornell, Tompkins County, and the world more equitable? The People's Organizing Collective (POC) is Local #3 of the national organization United Students Against Sweatshops. POC encourages and organizes domestic and international labor solidarity and economic justice campaigns. POC's space is open to all and welcomes all voices and commitment-levels. 

Advisor: Professor Risa Lieberwitz,

Scheinman Conflict Resolution Club (SCRC)

The Scheinman Conflict Resolution Club at Cornell is the student-led initiative of the Scheinman Institute, comprised of undergraduate and graduate students, interested in advancing their dispute resolution skills and connecting with students, professionals, and agencies in this field. Both undergraduate and graduate students across all disciplines are encouraged to attend our weekly meetings, Thursdays at 4:30 in the Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution. The SCRC is also committed to providing events and opportunities to engage with professionals in the field of conflict resolution; a list of our upcoming events can be found on our Facebook page, linked below. 
Club Contact:

President (2020-2021): TBD
Advisor: Professor Ariel Avgar,

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

The Society for Human Resource Management is composed of graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in the professional field of HR management and the issues with which managers deal. The group hosts speakers from organizations that recruit interns and employees from the ILR student body.

President (2020-2021): TBD
Advisor: Professor John Haggerty,
SHRM E-mail:

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Undergraduate Labor Institute (ULI)

The Undergraduate Labor Institute is a student-run labor relations think tank. We aim to give undergraduate students a platform to research, critique, and advise various issues and themes pertaining to labor relations through publication. Every semester, we create a large, collaborative policy document based on a specific predetermined theme associated with changes and problems in the world of work. We also engage our members through various club events and opportunities. We recruit new members at the beginning of each semester. If you're interested in joining, please send us an email and check out our website!

Executive Directors (2020-2021): Polina Solovyeva '21, and Zila Ake '21,
Advisor: Professor Ileen DeVault,