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Cornell University's Statement on Diversity reflects the vision of inclusiveness and academic breadth made by Ezra Cornell.

Dean's Message on Diversity

Central to the identity of Cornell University and the ILR School is the view that the campus is a place for a diverse community of students and faculty to openly engage ideas. Committed to the principle of need-blind admission, Cornell University and the ILR School seek and welcome students, staff and faculty who are culturally, ethnically, racially and in other ways diverse. We endeavor to appreciate and respect the various narratives that every group brings to the community.

A critical part of your educational experience will involve interactions with fellow students of diverse backgrounds and experiences. Our belief in the value of academic freedom leads us to favor classes, forums, and other campus activities where ideas are freely and openly exchanged. I encourage you to join with other students and the faculty and staff to celebrate and benefit from the demographic and intellectual diversity that is a hallmark of this extraordinary university.