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Employers are diversifying their workforce and addressing systemic inequalities within their ranks. Expanding their talent pool to include people with criminal records is becoming increasingly attractive. We educate employers about their legal obligations and responsibilities with respect to employment of people who have been involved in the criminal legal system. Education includes relevant Ban the Box statutes, Human Rights laws, and federal laws―including Title VII and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. We also train employers about the background screening process and how to interpret a background check with respect to criminal history and consumer credit issues. To learn more about our programs, contact us at

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Office of Second Chance Employment Training

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“Program was extremely beneficial to the Port Authority recruiters to understand the background checking process in its totality.”
Marcie Brown
Supervisor, Talent Acquisition
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Customization and Pricing

Work With Us

Our training, program planning, consulting, and technical assistance (available in-person or online) are customized for your organization or HR department and help reduce barriers to hiring skilled workers with criminal records.

Contact us at
Contact us at
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“This training was very resourceful and provided good insight into some laws in NY that I was not aware of.”
Member, NYC Hospitality Alliance
NYC Hospitality Alliance Class

Employer Resources

Guides, Hiring Strategies & Best Practices

Access additional resources to help implement best practices and integrate job seekers with criminal records into the workforce.

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See our employer resources

Organizations Trained

Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
NYC Hospitality Alliance


Retail Council of NY
PA and CAO