2012 Working Papers
CHERI WP 151 (PDF, 46 KB) Is The Golden Age of the Private Research University Over? Ronald Ehrenberg
CHERI WP 150 (PDF, 125 KB) The Role of Tuition, Financial Aid Policies, and Student Outcomes on Average Student Debt James Monks
CHERI WP 149 (PDF, 186 KB) Faculty Members on Boards of Trustees: The 2012 Cornell Higher Education Research Institute Survey of Faculty Trustees Ronald Ehrenberg, Richard Patterson and Andrew Key
CHERI WP 148 (PDF, 85 KB) Are Cost Conscious Community Colleges Sacrificing Quality Richard Romano
CHERI WP 147 (PDF, 172 KB) The Determinates of Electronic Textbook Use Among College Students Jon R. Miller, Andrew W. Nutting and Lori Baker-Eveleth
CHERI WP 146 (PDF, 145 KB) The Impact of Labor Demand on Time to the Doctorate Jeffrey A. Groen