2008 Working Papers
CHERI WP 116 (PDF, 257 KB) "Using the Community College to Control College Costs: How Much Cheaper Is It?" (Updated November 2011) Richard M. Romano and Yenni M. Djajalaksana
CHERI WP 115 (PDF, 36 KB) "The Last Lecture" (September 2008) Ronald G. Ehrenberg
CHERI WP 114 (PDF, 255 KB) "Can we Test for Bias in Scientific Peer-Review?" (August 2008) Andrew Oswald
CHERI WP 113 (PDF, 553 KB) "The Efficiency of Private Universities As Measured By Graduation Rates" (April 2008) Edward Kokkelenberg, Esha Sinha, John D. Porter, and Gary L. Blose
CHERI WP 112 (PDF, 134 KB) "Mortality and Immortality: The Nobel Prize as an Experiment into the Effect of Status upon Longevity" (May 2008) Matthew Rablens and Andrew Oswald
CHERI WP 111 (PDF, 218 KB) "Highly Cited Leaders and the Performance of Research Universities" (April 2008) Amanda Goodall
CHERI WP 110 (PDF, 273 KB) "Determinants of Grades, Persistence and Major Choice for Low-Income and Minority Students" (April 2008) Amanda Griffith
CHERI WP 109 (PDF, 437 KB) "College Football Games and Crime" (January 2008) Daniel Rees and Kevin Schnepel