2001 Working Papers
CHERI WP 20 (PDF, 232 KB) "The Determinants of an Institution's Transfer Student Enrollment" (December 2001) published in the Economics of Education Review (June 2005) John J. Cheslock
CHERI WP 19 (PDF, 151 KB) "How College Enrollment Strategies Affect Student Labor Market Success" (December 2001) John J. Cheslock and Michael J. Hilmer
CHERI WP 18 (PDF, 55 KB) "Come and Stay a While: Does Financial Aid Effect Enrollment and Retention at a Large Public University?" (August 2001) Published in the Economics of Education Review (October 2004) Larry D. Singell, Jr.
CHERI WP 17 (PDF, 49 KB) "Reaching for the Brass Ring: How the U.S. News and World Report Rankings Shape the Competitive Environment in U.S. Higher Education" published in the Review of Higher Education (Winter 2003) Ronald G. Ehrenberg
CHERI WP 16 (PDF, 22 KB) "What a Difference a Decade Makes: Growing Wealth Inequality Among Ivy Institutions" (May 2001) Ronald G. Ehrenberg and Christopher L. Smith
CHERI WP 15 (PDF, 26 KB) "Trustees and Faculty Retirement Policies" (March 2001), published under the title "Don't Shy from Retirement Questions" in Trusteeship, (July/August 2001) Ronald G. Ehrenberg
CHERI WP 14 (PDF, 414 KB) "The Class Size Controversy" (an edited version appeared in Psychological Science in the Public Interest, May 2001). (A more popular version titled "Does Class Size Matter?" appeared in Scientific American, Nov. 2001) Ronald G. Ehrenberg, Dominic J. Brewer, Adam Gamoran and J. Douglas Willms
CHERI WP 13 (PDF, 124 KB) "The Sources and Uses of Annual Giving at Private Research Universities" (Prepared for presentation at the Cornell Higher Education Research Institute (CHERI) conference on "Financing Higher Education Institutions in the 21st Century," Ithaca, NY, May 22-23, 2001) ( Published in Economics of Education Review ,June 2003)
(Related working paper charts 1 (XLS, 140 KB))
Ronald G. Ehrenberg and Christopher L. Smith
CHERI WP 12 (PDF, 53 KB) "Has the Growth of Science Crowded Out Other Things at Universities?" (Working draft, September 2000), (edited version published in Change, July/August 2001)
(Related working paper charts 2 (XLS, 38 KB))
Ronald Ehrenberg and Julia Epifantseva
CHERI WP 11 (PDF, 119 KB) "The Supply of American Higher Education Institutions," (published in M. McPherson and M. Schapiro eds. Ford Policy Forum 2001: Exploring the Economics of Higher Education) Ronald G. Ehrenberg
CHERI WP 10 (PDF, 103 KB) "Will Trustees Tame Tuition?" (a condensed version appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education), an edited version appeared in Trusteeship, (January 2001) Ronald G. Ehrenberg
CHERI WP 09 (PDF, 195 KB) "Paying Our Presidents: What Do Trustees Value?" published in Review of Higher Education (Fall 2001)
(Related working paper charts 3 (XLS, 76 KB))
Ronald G. Ehrenberg, John J. Cheslock, and Julia Epifantseva