Financing Higher Education Institutions in the 21st Century

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

May 22 - 23, 2001

The Politics and Governance of Public Higher Education
"In-State versus Out-of-State Students.pdf (PDF, 226 KB)t" [1] Jeff Groen (University of Michigan) and Michelle J. White (University of California, La Jolla)
"Governmental Structure, Trustee Selection and Public University Prices and Spending.pdf (PDF, 196 KB)s." [2] Robert Lowry (Iowa State University)
Annual Giving to Private Colleges and Universities
"The Determinants of Donative Revenue Flows from Alumni of Higher Education.pdf (PDF, 283 KB)" Carli Cochi-Ficano and Brendan M. Cunningham (Hartwick College)
"The Sources and Uses of Annual Giving at Private Research Universities.pdf (PDF, 132 KB)"
(related graphs: Table_8.xls (XLS, 107 KB) )
Ronald G. Ehrenberg and Christopher Smith (Cornell University)
"The Effect of University Endowment Growth on Giving.pdf (PDF, 67 KB)" Sharon Oster (Yale University)
Funding Changes in Public Higher Education
"Financing State Colleges and Universities.pdf (PDF, 198 KB)" [3]
(accompanying tables: Figure_1.pdf (PDF, 110 KB))
Travis Reindl and Dana Brower (American Association of State Colleges and Universities)
"Disparities in State Tax Effort for Financing Higher Education.pdf (PDF, 245 KB)"
(accompanying tables: State Tax Effort Per FTE for All Higher Education 2000-2001.pdf (PDF, 110 KB))
King Alexander (University of Illinois)
Institutional and State Gains from Enrollments
"The Revenue Implications of Transfer Students at American Colleges and Universites.pdf (PDF, 142 KB)" John J. Cheslock (University of Arizona)
"Trade in University Training.pdf (PDF, 243 KB)" [4] John Bound (University of Michigan) and Sarah Turner (University of Virginia)
Keynote Paper
"Scrounge We Must.pdf (PDF, 31 KB)" Nancy Cantor, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of Michigan, and Paul N. Courant, Associate Provost for Academic and Budgetary Affairs at the University of Michigan

[1] Groen, Jeffrey A. and Michelle J. White, "In-State versus Out-of-State Students: The Divergence of Interest between Public Universities and State Governments," Journal of Public Economics. (forthcoming)

[2] Robert C. Lowry, "Governmental Structure, Trustee Selection and Public University Prices and Spending: Multiple Means to Similar Ends," American Journal of Political Science, Vol. 45, No. 4, pp. 845-861, October 2001.

[3] Reindl, Travis and Dana Brower, "Financing State Colleges and Universities: What Is Happening to the 'Public' in Public Higher Education?" AASCU Perspectives, Vol. 2, No. 1, May 2001.

[4] Bound, John, Jeffrey Groen, Gábor Kézdi and Sarah Turner, "Trade in University Training: Cross-State Variation in the Production and Use of College-Educated Labor," Journal of Econometrics. (forthcoming)

NBER Working Paper W8555: