Assessing Public Higher Education at the Start of the 21st Century

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

May 22 - 23, 2005

Setting the Stage
"State Preferences for Higher Education Spending A Panel Data Analysis 1977 2001.pdf (PDF, 316 KB)" Michael Rizzo (Centre College)
The Impact of Changing Faculty Types
"Do Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty Matter.pdf (PDF, 222 KB)" Ronald G. Ehrenberg and Liang Zhang (Cornell University)
"Help or Hinder Adjunct Professors and Student Outcomes.pdf (PDF, 181 KB)" Eric Bettinger (Case Western University) and Bridget Terry Long (Harvard University)
The Southeast
"Assessing Public Higher Education at the Start of the 21st Century The State of Georgia.pdf (PDF, 528 KB)" Christopher Cornwell and David Mustard (University of Georgia)
"Noth Carolinas Commitment to Higher Education Access and Affordability.pdf (PDF, 219 KB)" Betsy Brown (University of North Carolina) and Robert Clark (North Carolina State)
The West and the Southwest
"Public Higher Education in Washington State Aspirations are Misaligned with Fiscal Structure.pdf (PDF, 268 KB)" William Zumeta (University of Washington)
"The Effects of a Changing Financial Context on the University of California.pdf (PDF, 217 KB)" Ellen Switkes and Jerry Kissler (Univeristy of California)
"TThe Changing Accessibility Affordability and Quality of Higher Education in Texas.pdf (PDF, 293 KB)" Lisa Dickson (University of Texas)
The Midwest
"Michigan Public Higher Education Recent Trends and Policy Consideration for the Coming Decade.pdf (PDF, 209 KB)" Steven Desjardins (University of Michigan)
"Consequences of a Legacy of State Divestment.pdf (PDF, 104 KB)" David Olien and Noel Radomsky (University of Wisconsin)
"Changing Priorities and the Evolution of Public Higher Education Finanice in Illinois.pdf (PDF, 143 KB)" Daniel Layzell (Illinois Board of Higher Education) and F. King Alexander (Murray State)
Reform in Virginia
"Higher Tuition Higher Aid and the Quest to Improve Opportunities for Low Income Students.pdf (PDF, 444 KB)" Sarah Turner (University of Virginia)
The East
"State Support for Higher Education in Pennsylvania" * Donald Heller (Pennsylvania State University)
"Policy Implications of Institutional Funding on Baccalaureate Graduation Rates in Public Higher Education" * Edward Kokkelenberg (Binghamton University), John Porter (SUNY), and Gary Blose (SUNY)
Dinner Speaker
"Why It's Unlikely We'll See Any Public University Go Private" * John D. Wiley (Chancellor, The University of Wisconsin - Madison)