Change the Default Tech Services Password

Still using the default password ILRTS gave to you when your new computer was delivered or after it was worked on?

STOP! Change your password NOW!

Generally, when you receive a new computer from our department or your computer has been re-built, it is set up with our default password for your Windows log in. It is critical that you change this password to something that meets our password complexity policy. Continuing to use our default password leaves your computer (and all of your data, whether work or personal) extremely vulnerable to hackers.

To change your Windows password:

  • Log into your computer
  • Press the Ctrl – Alt – Del keys together
  • Click 'Change Password…'
  • Type your current password in the Old Password box
  • Type your new, complex password in the New Password box
  • And again in the Confirm New Password box
  • Click 'OK'
  • The next time you log into Windows, use your new, more secure password