Labor Leadership Skills

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The Worker Institute at Cornell ILR in Buffalo provides unparalleled flexibility in delivering training on contemporary labor and environmental topics. Our training courses and workshops generate new perspectives and ideas for innovative thinking to establish a secure, wholesome workplace and community through sound decision making regarding policies, procedures, processes and products for solutions to problems related to work, economy, society and environmental concerns.

Who Will Benefit?

Our workshops, courses and webinars are designed for full-time elected union officers and appointed staff, including business agents, staff managers, council representatives, organizers, grievance reps, researchers, safety and health trainers, communications/public relations staff, attorneys, financial managers, and health and welfare benefit fund trustees. Shop stewards, executive board members, bargaining committee members and rank-and-file activists.  Students learn valuable skills that are applicable in their day-to-day functions through practical instruction with real-life experiences shared by a diverse group of students. Participants increase their understanding of labor unions and the legal context in which unions function; the rights and obligations of members and leaders, and future prospects for American workers in union and non-union workplaces.  Download our 2019 Training schedule (PDF, 235 KB) to keep it handy for your reference

Non-Credit Training Options

Non-Credit or Credit courses – you choose!  You can take four core non-credit courses within our 4-day intensive boot camp or 3-week self-paced non-credit online workshops to earn a Basic Labor Leadership Skills Certificate or combine both training options to accommodate your educational endeavors.

Information about the Boot Camp

Each boot camp session will include four consecutive days with a different topic or skill set. You may take workshops individually ($199 per day) or the full 4‐day boot camp for $597. Fee includes course materials, continental breakfast, and lunch. Those who are interested in registering into all four classes will obtain the discounted price of $597. Boot Camp participants will receive the Cornell University ILR School Basic Labor Leadership Skills certificate upon completion.