Training and Courses

The Worker Institute at Cornell ILR in Buffalo provides unparalleled flexibility in delivering training on safety, health and contemporary labor and environmental topics. Our training courses and workshops generate new perspectives and ideas for innovative thinking to establish a secure, wholesome workplace and community through sound decision making regarding policies, procedures, processes and products for solutions to problems related to work, economy, society and environmental concerns. Students can be trained online, through regularly scheduled classes, or onsite at your location.

Which of our Training Programs is Right for you?

Our multiple training platforms make it easy for you to fit training into your schedule, budget, learning style or experience level. Choose from our Basic Labor Leadership Skills self-paced online non-credit, self-paced on line credit Labor Studies Certificate Program, 4-day intensive Boot Camp workshops or Workplace Health and Safety webinars -- designed to engage participants interactively with learning exercises, case studies, panel sessions, video-aided presentations, simulations and small-group activities. All workshops identify objectives and strategies to confront problems, and help participants develop skills for their professional success. Our courses can also be customized and delivered live or virtually specifically for your organization.

Our online Labor Studies Program credit courses help advance your knowledge about Collective Bargaining, Labor History, Labor/Employment Law, Contemporary Labor Issues and Contract Administration.  Successfully complete 18 credit courses to earn a Certificate of Labor Studies or take an additional three 9.0 credit courses and you’ll be awarded an Advanced Certificate of Labor Studies.  Choose any subject area carrying 1.5 or 3.0 undergraduate college credits. Download our 2019-2020 Training schedule to keep it handy for your reference. [Handout here] (PDF, 1 MB)

If you are interested in learning more about the types of courses that are available, you need only search the courses and workshops below.  No matter which training platform you choose, The Worker Institute at Cornell in Buffalo is one of the most recognized and respected names in career education. Need more information? We can help! Call (716) 777-0303, for more Information.