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WEDI’s Work on the West Side

Being born and raised in Buffalo has me completely vested in the area with no real intention of ever leaving, despite contrasting sentiments coming from a majority of my peers. I love to see Buffalo do well for its own good, as well as having positive national press so others aren’t as quick to talk down on this city.


History is Important to This City

Buffalo got to this point through a rapid decline in population. From 1950 to 2000 the City of Buffalo lost half its population.

The ACCESS of WNY, Inc. Story

Posing with the professor who coined the term “high road economic development!”
Imagine what it would be like to wake up one morning and realize that everything you know is not there anymore. Your friends disappeared, your comfortable society has vanished, and you are just dangling in a new world where your family is just as helpless as yourself.

A Reflection on the New Economy and CommonBound 2016

The Intrepid Four at CommonBound

I heard about the CommonBound Conference during my first few days in Buffalo. I heard so many program and organization names in the first few days that it’s a wonder I even remembered to Google CommonBound when I got a chance to.


Building Bridges in Buffalo

Growing up an hour away from Buffalo, I've considered myself a Buffalonian my whole life. But living in a Buffalo neighborhood this summer, I now know that I was naïve in my assumption that I knew everything about Buffalo and the people that comprise the City of Good Neighbors.


Kicking off the 2016 High Road

2016 High Road Fellows

20 Cornell undergraduates will spend their summers contributing to community and economic development with dynamic social sector organizations in Buffalo, NY.


The Fight for 15

Kyle Friend

In 1938, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Fair Labor Standards Act into law, establishing the United States’ first wage floor.


Gratitude for the Community Builders

Nabiha Qudsi

I have been able to meet some remarkable people. They are people who are truly passionate about what they do and will do anything to achieve their dream.


Emerging Leaders

Lauren Lang

Have you ever stopped to think about who has guided you through your life?


Grassroots Gardens

Melissa Bravo

If I have learned anything during my short time here in Buffalo, it is that community nonprofit groups go far beyond their mission statement.


Briefs on Briefs

Deandra Fike

"...ultimately turning out to be one of the most exciting moments of my professional life so far. All three weeks of it."


2015 High Road Beginnings

2015 High Road Fellows

18 Cornell undergraduates arrived in Buffalo earlier this month to conduct research, assist with strategic planning, and develop new programming for nonprofits in the city.



My supervisors have consistently encouraged me to pursue whatever I love, letting me know of arts festivals and galleries and meetings that they think would interest me.


Engaging Employment

Crawling under the impossibly tangled link of hands, I maneuvered myself into an even stranger position than my previous.


Buffalo in Parts (of 3)

My assignment at the Partnership for the Public Good (PPG) this summer closely intertwines my interests in cross-cultural work and the arts.


High Road Revitalization

My work at the International Institute of Buffalo has been the second major reinforcement of my education that this program has facilitated.


Finding a Mission

While at the International Institute of Buffalo I have been working to develop a skilled mentoring program for refugees.


Crafting Autonomy

Learning Disabilities Association of Western New York (LDA of WNY)

I am incredibly honored and humbled to serve as a High Road Fellow at the Learning Disabilities Association of Western New York (LDA of WNY). 


Opening Buffalo

Fellows at Niagara Falls

As soon as I stepped off the train in Buffalo, I knew that this upstate city was going to be a great place to spend the summer.


Putting the Puzzle Together

At the Moe Concert

This summer, I am working at the Western New York Law Center on research related to the mortgage foreclosure process.


Lessons from the Field

High Road Fellows

I arrived in buffalo more than 3 weeks ago and already I am starting to see my way of thinking change.