Photo: Children work in a garden

Cornell Cooperative Extension delivers two different nutrition programs in urban locations in Erie County:

  • Eat Smart New York (ESNY), a USDA funded program, provides nutrition education and obesity prevention programming to low-income county residents.  Evidence-based curricula are used to ensure the greatest impact on participants.  A multi-level program approach addresses barriers to healthful nutrition and physical activity by focusing on changing low-income residents’ environment in order to create opportunities for healthy eating and a more physically active lifestyle.
    • Buffalo’s Healthy Corner Stores Initiative: ESNY educators serve as nutrition education providers and subject matter resources for a coalition of community agencies and organizations creating sustainable food access-related change.
    • At the Stop to Good Health: ESNY is developing a wide reaching social marketing campaign focused on healthy eating and a physically active lifestyle.
  • The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) is a federally funded nutrition education program for low income parents, caregivers, and expectant mothers delivered by Cornell Cooperative Extension.  Through a series of lessons (typically 6-9) in an interactive learning environment, participants are encouraged to improve food and physical activity behaviours.