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2019 High Roaders at Northland Workforce Training Center

High Road Fellowships

Explore engaged learning and applied research fellowships for Cornell students in Buffalo, NY


Applications for Summer 2022 are now closed. Applications for Summer 2023 will open November 21, 2022.


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2018 Fellows at Assemblyhouse

Learn more about High Roaders and read their experiences going all the way back to 2009.

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Urban Environmental Justice: Green Spaces

Delilah Hernandez (High Road Fellow 2022) integrates her lived experience and data to discuss environmental racism and tree canopies in Chicago, Illinois
Delilah Hernandez
Urban Environmental Justice: Green Spaces

Mexicans: The Perfect Laborers

Daniela Rosiles Torres (High Road Fellow 2022) advocates for the migrant worker.
Daniela Rosiles Torres
Mexicans: The Perfect Laborers

A Letter to the high road class of 2023

Laila Rahbari (High Road Fellow 2022) pens a letter to the next cohort of the Fellowship.
Laila and Cathy at Niagara Falls mural
A Letter to the high road class of 2023