Academic Connections

Photo: Faculty and Student

Since the early years of the program, the High Road has benefitted from strong and diverse ties to campus. The program has received faculty support from all departments in the ILR School. High Road continues to link with Career Services for academic planning and exploration of social impact careers. Richard Kiely from Engaged Learning+Research (now part of the Office of Engagement Initiatives) conducted workshops on action-research and reflection

Significant progress has been made in strengthening the High Road Fellowships connection to students’ learning and experience in the classroom.

The High Road Fellowships program is the flagship engagement opportunity for students within the Social Sector Studies (3S) Working Group at the ILR School. The 3S program will provide multi-disciplinary academic framework for students to study the dynamic social and cultural sector and its organizations. It will explore the legal and institutional environment, the specific problems and issues that the sector seeks to address, the distinctive organizational and leadership challenges associated with generating revenues, managing volunteers, and addressing multiple stakeholders, and the values and perspectives that distinguish the social sector as an alternative to the for-profit and government sectors. The 3S program will serve the career aspirations of ILR students as well as strengthen connections to ILR alumni and friends who work in social sector organizations.

The Social Sector Studies Working Group received funding from Engaged Cornell to develop curriculum and support engaged undergraduate and graduate research.

2016 marked the first time that a pre-course on was offered for the Fellowship. The class prepared participants with questions and tools to sustain a sense of curiosity, investment, flexibility and collaboration throughout their projects. Ultimately, the pre-course provided the groundwork and skills for effective civic engagement while fostering an ethos of critical reflection about communities.

Additional curriculum will offer participants the unique opportunity to connect the personal impact of an immersive service experience with the intellectual resources that a university environment affords.
The High Road is truly a two-lane expressway for advancing knowledge in the classroom and the community.