Avoid High Network Usage

Think that the new Weather.com interactive maps or web radio are cool? They may not be!

All users of Cornell networking services are allotted to send or receive up to 5 GB of data off campus each month. When a user's network usage exceeds this allotment, a bill for the additional usage is sent to us through NUBB, Network Usage Based Billing. Uses of web radio, streaming video (like YouTube), downloading large files, or as the department below discovered, leaving unnecessary web pages with cool new features open can result in very high bills.

FYI, we got a big NUBB surprise a few weeks ago when a staff member left the new Weather.com interactive map running in animation mode on his screen on a Friday afternoon. In a roughly 24-hour period it ran up about 75 GB of bandwidth and generated a $100 NUBB bill. He says their old version of these maps used to time out after about 5 minutes of animation. The new one just keeps running.

In an effort to reduce such issues, we've placed limits on what ILR users can download and install. However, like the situation described above, we cannot control all causes of high usage. So, please help us keep your NUBB charges to a minimum by closing applications and logging out (Start - Logout) of your computer before leaving each day AND only utilize the above mentioned services only when necessary.