Always Open a Web Page in IE

Tired of having to remember to open certain websites in Internet Explorer (IE) that won’t work in Firefox?

Set them to always open with IE!

  • Within Firefox, go to a website which must be viewed in IE
  • Click on Tools, Always View This Page in IE
  • You're done!
  • The next time you use a bookmark for that site within Firefox, IE will automatically open the website instead.
  • Repeat for as many websites as needed. (Although, for security reasons, it’s best to browse sites which don’t require IE in Firefox.)

Do you not see the Always View This Page in IE option? Firefox may need to be upgraded. Please submit a Desktop Support Request.

How to remove the re-direction

  • Within Firefox, click on Tools, Add-ons
  • Scroll through the list of add-ons until you find IE View
  • Select it; then click the Options button
  • On the Main tab, find the site which you no longer want to open in IE under the Always-in-IE sites box
  • Select it; then click the Delete button
  • Click 'OK' then the red X to close the windows
  • The next time you choose that site from your bookmarks within Firefox, it should no longer open the site in IE