Nomination Information

Instructions: To nominate someone for the Groat or Alpern Award, use the links below to submit a letter of nomination and any relevant biographical information about the nominee. Other letters of support giving additional perspectives on the nominee's career accomplishments and service to the School are encouraged.

Deadline: Nominations for the 2021 Groat and Alpern awards must be submitted by January 30, 2021.

Groat Award Nominations

William B. Groat (1899-1986) served as counsel to the New York State Joint Legislative Committee on Industrial and Labor Relations, where he played a pivotal role in founding the ILR School and drafting its charter. The Judge William B. Groat Alumni Award was established in 1971 in honor of Judge Groat's vision and in tribute to his professional accomplishments, which culminated in appointment as justice of the New York State Supreme Court, Eleventh Judicial District.

The single most important criterion for selection as the Groat recipient should be achievement in "the field" of industrial relations, as broadly interpreted to include all aspects of labor relations and human resources management in any of the major sectors - labor unions, management, neutrals, government service and academe. Service to the School and participation in alumni activities are also criteria to be considered in selecting the Groat awardee.

Alpern Award Nominations

The Jerome Alpern Distinguished Alumni Award was established in 1997 and named in honor of Jerome Alpern '49, whose contributions of outstanding service and support to the ILR School, its students, and its alumni, combined with his professional accomplishments outside the field of industrial and labor relations, embody the essence and spirit of the Alpern Award.

The purpose of the Alpern Award is to honor (i) distinguished alumni who have demonstrated outstanding service and support to the School of Industrial & Labor Relations but whose career has been principally outside the field of industrial and labor relations; and (ii) non-alumni special friends of the School, whose careers have been "in" or "out" of the field, and who have demonstrated outstanding service and support to ILR.

In evaluating eligibility for the Alpern Award, "service and support to the School" shall be interpreted to include activities such as: active participation on the Advisory Council or Alumni Association Board of Directors and its committees; and/or; assisting the School as a member of the University Council or otherwise in its dealings with Cornell University, the State University of New York, the New York State Legislature, major labor unions or corporations; and/or active support of student internships, summer employment, on-campus recruitment and similar school-sponsored programs; and/or participation as a guest lecturer or instructor at on-campus or ILR extension courses and seminars; and/or other personal contributions (time, effort, financial) to the School.