In Memoriam: James E. Huttar

BS ILR ‘62

Jim Huttar was my friend and it was he who encouraged me and many others to become involved with the Alumni Association.  He believed the ILR School needed a strong Alumni Association and worked to make it so.

Jim ’62, passed away in February 2016 at the age of 77.  He grew up in Trumansburg, NY and attended Cornell ILR, graduating in 1962.  Following graduation from Cornell, he worked for Corning Glass and then joined the Peace Corps, stationed in the Marshall Islands with his wife, Emily, and his three very young children, Tammy, Shaun and Callie. 

He was employed by the ILR Conference Center and then as Director of ILR External Relations in the 1970s. He worked during the tenure of Dean Robert B. McKersie in reformulating and energizing the ILR Alumni Association along with various alumni, including Ted Hawryluk, Gerald Dorf, Eric Jensen, Stan Aiges, and others. 

Jim was a driving force in launching the ILR Groat Award annual program, the first and subsequent ILR alumni fundraising efforts under the name “the Founders’ Fund,” with the help of William Kay, Gerald Dorf, Peter Cusack and Saul Kramer, and the beginning of corporate and labor sponsorships of various ILR school programs.

In partnership with Professor Robert F. Risley, Jim worked to expand ILR student involvement alongside ILR alumni in an effort to strengthen the school’s internship and job placement efforts.

With his staff, he managed the ILR School’s external relations programs, development efforts, alumni communications, student and alumni job placement and internships, corporate, union and government relationships and various ILR conferences.

During Jim’s time at Cornell as a student and later in the Office of External Relations, Jim was a friend, colleague and advisor to many ILR students, faculty, staff and alumni, as well as many others in labor, government and corporate organizations. 

Jim was a believer in building relationships and coalitions to foster the ILR School’s ideals of labor, management and government cooperation and understanding in the World of Work.  A contribution in his memory to the ILR Annual Fund is a fitting way to honor him and his contribution to the ILR School and the ILRAA.

Esta Bigler ‘70
President, ILR Alumni Association
Director, ILR Labor and Employment Law Program