Master of Industrial and Labor Relations (MILR)

Our full-time, on-campus Master of Industrial and Labor Relations (MILR) program is ideal for career-driven professionals interested in the human side of organizations and the workplace. It is a two-year, leading degree program in the area of human resources and labor relations. This program will provide you the opportunity to customize your academic experience; acquire relevant and practical knowledge from expert faculty in their fields; and gain access to our employer and alumni networks, who actively recruit our graduates for career placement and advancement.

Concentrations include: Human Resources and Organizations, International and Comparative Labor, Collective Representation, Dispute Resolution, and Labor Market Policy.

Current Class Profile

  • Average Class Size: 58 students
  • Average Age: 26
  • Average Years of Work Experience: 3.2 years
  • Mean GRE: 157 Verbal; 155 Quantitative; 4.2 Analytical
  • Mean GMAT: 36 Verbal; 47 Quantitative; 5.3 AWA
  • Mean TOEFL: 104
  • International Population: 28%

Updated: July 2017

Degree Requirements

The MILR degree requires a minimum of 48 credit hours, encompassing at least 16 courses comprised of 6 core courses, 6 concentration courses and elective courses.*

6 required core courses:

  • ILRLR 5000 Labor Relations
  • ILRLR 5010 Labor and Employment Law
  • ILRST 5110 Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences
  • ILROB 5200 Organizational Behavior
  • ILRLE 5400 Labor Economics
  • ILRHR 5600 Human Resource Management

*Courses offered by the ILR School and the 14 other colleges at Cornell provide an opportunity for cross-disciplinary work.

Courses taken toward fulfillment of the MILR degree requirements must meet all of the following criteria:

  • 5000 level or above
  • Taken for a letter grade (pass/fail and S/U grade option courses do not count)
  • Final course grade must be C or above
  • 3 or more credits. Courses that carry less than 3 credits do not count unless combined with another less-than-three credit course. Such instances will count as 1 course and must be taken for credit.

One-Year MILR Degree

Applicants with a JD or MBA degree from an accredited U.S. institution or a BS ILR degree from Cornell University may apply to complete the MILR degree program in one year. Not all applicants will be approved for the one-year option, but each application will be evaluated individually by the admissions committee. 30 credit hours including the 6 MILR core courses are required. Students in the one-year MILR program must:

  • Complete a total of 30 credits
  • Complete 2 full-time semesters in the MILR program
  • Complete or waive all 6 of the MILR required core courses
  • Complete or waive four of the six concentration courses
  • Complete as many relevant and appropriate electives as needed to fulfill the 30 credit requirement

Student Spotlights

Dax Howard

graduate student / MILR


Dax Howard, MILR '16, shares his experience in the MILR/MBA program.

Ashley Gammella

graduate student / MILR

MILR '18

Ashley Gammella, MILR, '18, shares her experience in the MILR program.

Steven Oakley

graduate student / MILR

MILR '18

Steven Oakley, MILR, '18, shares his experience in the MILR program.

Jesse Proctor

graduate student / MILR

MILR '18

Jesse Proctor, MILR '18, shares his experience in the MILR program.