Masters in Human Resource Studies (MILR)

MILR Concentration: Human Resources and Organizations

The Human Resources and Organizations (HR&O) Concentration focuses on people in organizations, including the roles of line managers, the HR function and HR professionals in contributing to organizational success and employee well-being and such key aspects of organizational life as leadership, decision-making, and conflict resolution. The emphasis is on both theoretical and practical applications. Traditional classroom experiences are regularly enriched by interactions with senior corporate executives and other managers who focus on the real-time challenges they face.

As part of the MILR Degree (which requires a minimum of 48 credit hours, encompassing at least 16 courses), students interested in the HR&O concentration take six core courses, six concentration courses, and at least 4 elective courses. All MILR students choose a Graduate Field Faculty member as their advisor, to advise them on course selection and other academic matters.

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Schedule a meeting with a human resource studies faculty member or ILR Career Services.