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Theme Project

Logo with text Inequality and Work: ILR Theme Project

Inequality and Work

The ILR School is committed to providing opportunities for students, staff and faculty to work together on important topics that transform the future of work.

As a result, we have established the Theme Project that is intended to bring the ILR community together around an important challenge facing work and workers. Our goal is to deepen our sense of community while motivating all to develop new research, policy, practice, discussion and teaching that will significantly impact work and the lives of workers.

This year’s theme project will be Inequality and Work. Inequality is a major social and economic discussion in our time and ILR is well-positioned to study this important issue. Inequality shows up in many ways and impacts the lives of workers across the globe. As students, educators, scholars and workers at a school with a mission centered on the modern workplace, we have countless opportunities to understand and address issues of inequality and work. We are looking forward to a lively discussion.

Project Grants

ILR has established a grant program intended to help support projects focused on inequality in the workplace. We encourage our students, staff and faculty to apply for a grant and to take advantage of this opportunity to work together and bring ideas to life. You can find examples of potential projects and funding amounts on the grant application form.

We look forward to reviewing your projects and the outcomes they will help drive.

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