A Message from ILR Dean Harry Katz

Dean Harry Katz

Almost 65 years ago, when we first opened our doors as the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, we stood for problem solving and peacemaking, with an emphasis on helping labor and management find common ground.

Today, we’re staying true to those principles. But as society becomes more global, so does the workplace. Issues faced by organizations, workers and managers have become more diverse and complex. In this website, you’ll see how our founding mission has evolved to reflect these changes.

Our name – ILR – may be shorter, but our focus has grown. It now extends beyond labor-management relations to the many facets of work that are critical to an organization’s survival in a global economy – from human resource management and labor economics and law, to organizational behavior and conflict resolution.

No other educational institution is quite like ILR. No one has the number of faculty that we do teaching in these areas, the breadth of programs we offer that blend theory and practice with a social sciences and human perspective, or the research capabilities and resources we can provide in the study of work.

We’re preparing undergraduates and graduates to be workplace leaders. Helping professionals grow through career-long learning. Providing expertise that informs work and employment policy. Sharing knowledge that improves workplace practice.

For ILR, Advancing the World of Work is more than just a tagline. It’s been our tradition for more than six decades, and it’s our future.

I invite you to learn more about us and the positive impact we’re having on people and working lives everywhere.