Tagged Content Block

A Tagged Content block is a used to display a list of content based on a filter. You can add tags to the following content types:

  • Basic Page
  • News Item
  • Post
  • Promo
  • Reflection
  • Spotlight
  • Student Portrait
  • WIT Article
  • Workspan Article
  • Youtube Video

For each item in a Tagged Content block there will be an image (circle or card) of the Main Image, the title, and the category type and primary tag. Here are a few examples:

Create a new Tagged Content Block

  1. Hover over the Content link in the black Drupal menu bar
  2. Hover over Add Block
  3. Click on Tagged Content
  4. Add a Label, which will be used when you add it to your page
  5. Add an optional Title, which will be used at the top of the block as a header
  6. Indicate how many items you want returned
  7. Check which content types you want included in the list
  8. Add which Tag or Tags are required, separate multiple tags by a comma
  9. Indicate if Any or All of the tags are required
  10. Set how you want them ordered (date or random)
  11. Select if it should respect "sticky" status (Content that is sticky will be at the top, multiple sticky items will sort by date)
  12. Select only to include featured content (only for highlighted region)
  13. Save

Add a Tagged Content Block to a Page

  1. Edit your page
  2. Below the Body field, find the Sidebar region field (this region is on the right of the page for wide screens or below the main content on narrow screens and mobile devices)
  3. Type in the name of the Tagged Content block you want to add. It will auto-populate.
  4. You can have more than one you can reorder them using the four-sided arrow and then drag-drop
  5. Save