Course Manual Listing Block

This block is used on pages to list courses. They are listed in the order entered. Here are a few examples:

Create a new Course Manual Listing Block

  1. Hover over the Content link in the black Drupal menu bar
  2. Hover over Add Block
  3. Click on Course Manual Listing
  4. Add a Label, which will be used when you add it to your page
  5. Add an optional Title, which will be used at the top of the block as a header
  6. Select a View that will display the list in three different ways. See examples above.
  7. Add the courses by catalog numbers (LEL904 HR204) separated by spaces
  8. Save

Add a Course Manual Listing Block to a Page

  1. Edit your page
  2. Below the Body field, find the Sidebar region field (this region is on the right of the page for wide screens or below the main content on narrow screens and mobile devices)
  3. Type in the name of the Course Manual Listing block you want to add. It will auto-populate.
  4. You can have more than one and then you can reorder them using the four-sided arrow and then drag-drop
  5. Save