ILR Off-Campus Support

This policy defines the scope of technology support provided by the Technology Services (TS) for off-campus computing resources, including software and hardware, used in the execution of college business. “Off-campus” applies to all locations not owned or leased by Cornell University.

Support Availability
Support is available between 7:30am and 5:00pm during regular college business days. Support requests initiated near the end of the business day may be delayed until the next business day.

How to Request Support
For routine support, request assistance using the ILR Helpdesk

For emergency support, request assistance using the ILR Helpdesk and follow up with a phone call to the TS office at (607) 255-5484.

In locations where internet connectivity is not available, call the TS Helpdesk (607) 255-5484 and a ticket will be initiated for you.

Network Support
Only Cornell owned or leased wired or wireless networks are supported. It is the responsibility of the user to work with their Internet Service Provider (ISP) for network support. TS cannot provide assistance with connectivity or remote connection software until there is a functional network connection.

Supporting Cornell Owned Equipment

Equipment Identification
Cornell ownership status must be verifiable through purchase documentation, asset tag markings or other acceptable method of system identification prior to support.

Software Validation
Only legally licensed and verifiable software is supported. Proof of licensing can be accomplished by the TS office or by providing purchase receipts or original software media and licensing codes.  All software must be approved by the TS office for compatibility with our systems, meeting security requirements and legitimate business use.

Support Methods
Cornell assets are eligible for telephone or in-person technical support. For in-person support, the equipment needs to be brought onto campus by the user. TS staff can assist with the movement of equipment only as far as personal vehicles.

Software Support
The TS office can provide support for operating system, application and configurations needs in-line with Cornell business requirements. They can provide assistance with virus, malware or other system issues to ensure adequate system performance and protection. Application support is limited to ensuring proper functioning of applications and does not include user training.

Hardware Warranty Support
If the equipment has an on-site warranty, the TS office can contact the vendor, receive and ship parts, perform the work or coordinate with provided contractors to have the work completed.

If the equipment has an off-site warranty, the TS office can contact the vendor, ship and/or receive the equipment using on-campus facilities. Warranty work requiring hand delivery of the equipment to an off-campus location is the responsibility of the user.

Support Limitations
Computer equipment must be less than 4 years old, as identified by the manufacturer’s markings, to be supported. Used or refurbished equipment will be supported only after review by the TS office for serviceability and life expectancy and may receive only limited support.

NOTE: Computer equipment purchased without prior review by the TS office is not guaranteed support.

Disposition of Excess Equipment and Software
All software and hardware provided for off-campus projects are to be returned to the TS office when their service is complete.

Supporting Personally Owned Equipment

Support Requirements
The TS office does not support any personally owned equipment. It must be a Cornell asset to be eligible for telephone or in-person technical support.

Support Methods
NOTE: The TS office does not support any personally owned equipment.

Software Support
TS staff members are not authorized to perform any installation, configuration, maintenance, update or troubleshooting tasks on personal computers as part of their Cornell duties. They are authorized to give verbal direction to the user on how to perform these tasks when they directly apply to Cornell business.

The TS staff can provide application support by:

1) Providing installation and troubleshooting support for Virtual Private Networking (VPN) and Remote Desktop Connections (RDC) that allow for connecting to the work computer from home. This allows a window to the computer and all the applications installed that looks very much like being at the work computer.

2) Providing copies of the installation media (CDs or DVDs) for applications approved for home use. Some staff may be required to have a “Work at Home Agreement” on file to obtain this support. Installation of the software is the responsibility of the employee.

Hardware Warranty Support
The TS staff cannot assist with any warranty related support for personal equipment.

Support Limitations
The user is responsible for all installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of any personal computer problems.

Disposition of Equipment and Software
Any software and/or hardware provided under a work at home agreement is to be returned to the TS office when no longer needed. Software installed on personal computers is to be removed when the work at home agreement expires.