Remote Applications

The RemoteApp software ILR Tech Services uses provides secure access to a variety of centralized applications used throughout the ILR School.

Applications, like Student Data Center or FileMaker, may be accessed in one of two ways, RemoteApp Desktop Icons from your ILR managed computer and the RemoteApp Web Interface from your non-ILR managed computer

Remote Application Desktop Icon Instructions

What is it?
Windows Server Remote Application Icons (RemoteApps) are automatically delivered to ILR managed PCs securely access a variety of ILR managed applications.

How do I use it?
RemoteApp Icons will automatically appear on your desktop when you are granted access to the application.

  • To launch an application, just click the desired application
  • Sign in using ilr\netid and your ILR computer password
  • Once connected, the launched application will display in its own window
  • When you are finished, close the application

RemoteApp Web Interface

What is it? The Windows Server RemoteApp service is a web page that allows secure access to specialty ILR applications from offsite locations.

How do I use it?

  • Open Internet Explorer v.8 or higher (Firefox may also be used but is not documented here)
  • Go to
  • Read and Accept the Remote Access agreement
  • Sign in using ilr\netid and your ILR computer password

    Remote access log in window
  • Once logged in, your list of available applications will appear:

    Remote Access available applications
  • Click the desired application icon or folder to launch the application.  As your RemoteApp session is created, the screen should flash and a Windows start-up sound may play (if you have speakers connected to your computer).
  • You may be asked to sign in again.  Use ilr\netid and your ILR computer password.
  • A new window with the launched application should then open. Use it as you would any other application. 
  • When you're ready to disconnect, close the application.