Adjusting Shared Mailbox Permissions

Exchange Account Manager is Cornell’s web tool that enables owners of shared mailboxes to add, subtract, or adjust individuals permissions to a shared mailbox.  Below are instructions on how to add or adjust individual permissions to a shared mailbox.

If someone needs access to a shared mailbox and there is uncertainty to whom the owner of the mailbox is, go to Cornell website -> click on the Search button -> type in the mailbox name -> Enter.  Once the shared mailbox is located in the search, look for the netid listed for the proxy.  This is the owner of the shared mailbox.  That person can add or adjust permissions to that shared mailbox.

1) Provide Permissions to the Group Mailbox

Using the Exchange Account Manager tool, the owner of the shared email mailbox can add others to have access to the mailbox or adjust existing permissions.  Logon to Exchange Account Manager -> click on Manage Resource Accounts -> select Search for & Manage Accounts -> My Accounts.

2) Select Mailbox to Manage

The mailbox(es) you either have ownership of or permissions to will appear.  On the mailbox you would like to add or adjust someone’s permissions, select Manage.

3) Add/Adjust Individual and Permissions

Under the Edit Account heading, scroll down to Roles.  Under Add new role NetID/Group Name or External Email Address -> enter the netid of the individual you would like to give access to the shared mailbox -> select Enter on the keyboard.  It will appear as if nothing is happening at first, but after about 10 to 15 seconds you will see the individual you added appear in the list of members that have access to the mailbox.  When the individual appears in the list of people that have access to the shared mailbox, select the appropriate permissions for them.  If the person is already listed, you can select or deselect roles as deemed appropriate.  Here is a link that describes, in detail, the capabilities of each permission role.

4) Exit Exchange Account Manager

Since there isn’t a Save option, once you have added the individuals that should have access to the shared mailbox and  granted the appropriate permissions, you can close the Exchange Account Manager webpage.