Closure Procedures

The primary goal for delayed opening, reducing hours or closing the NYC Conference Center and Office is to ensure the safety of our employees, instructors, and program participants.  The decision to delay opening, reduce hours or close could be due to inclement weather, power outages, fumes, public safety issues, or other reasons. 

Criteria Prompting Consideration to Delay Opening, Reduce Hours, or Close the NYC Facility*

Any time the safety of ILR employees is at risk, the NYC Emergency Response Team (Grasso, Robinson, Manning) will make the decision to delay opening, reduce hours or close the office.  The team will use the following criteria to make the assessment. 

  • Has the Mayor declared the city unsafe to travel and issued a “no travel” order.
  • Are the City schools closed.
  • Has NYU and CUNY closed.
  • Are there public safety or public hazard situations which require closure?
  • Do police, fire or other emergency management units or the building management recommend or require the building to be closed and employees sent home. 

It is likely that a decision to delay opening, reduce hours or close the office will happen early in the morning before people begin their commute to work, but it is possible that a decision to close the office may be made the evening before.

The ILR School strongly prefers to treat the entire ILR facility in NYC uniformly as opposed to allowing the conference center to operate but close the 4th floor, for example.However, there may be certain circumstances where we cancel programming on the 6th floor but keep the 4th floor operating as usual. Similarly, due to special circumstances, we might close the 4th floor office and operate the 6th floor Conference Center.Certain Conference Center employees may be deemed “essential employees” in order to operate the 6thFloor Conference Center.

Decision and Communication Procedures:

The open/delay/reduce/close decision will be published no later than 5:30 am on the ILR NYC Emergency Contact Phone # 866-470-1922 and will be distributed through the NYC e-mail list serve. Please continue to check this phone number and email throughout the day for status updates. 

  • ILR Associate Dean of Finance and Administration (Grasso) and the Director of Infrastructure Operations (Robinson) will make the closure decision based on information provided by the ILR NYC Facilities Coordinator (Martinez) or their NYC backup. They will consult with the Outreach Registrar (Grasso) and Conference Center Director (Manning) to discuss how the decision to close will affect external partners, clients, and program participants.
  • ILR Facilities Coordinator will update the status phone message as soon as a decision is made and no later than 5:30 a.m.
  • The Conference Center Scheduler will contact all external clients to alert them to the closure
  • The ILR Program Manager/Registrar will contact the instructor of ILR classes as well as the enrolled participants in all open enrollment programs to let them know that the class is either being held or being cancelled. The internal and external clients should be given the 866-470-1922 phone number to check for status updates. 
  • The ILR Custom Program Managers will be responsible for contacting their instructors and clients with respect to any weather-related disruptions.
  • The ILR Facilities Coordinator will send a global message to all ILR Lists to alert the school about the office closure. The NYC Facilities Coordinator will ensure that caterers and other vendors (including temporary staff) providing services to the NYC Conference Center are notified of the closure. 

The following University Policy defines how ILR Staff and Faculty will manage their time in Kronos and Workday.

Policy 8.2 Inclement Weather

In the event of a delayed opening, partial closing, or closing, regular full-time and part-time employees who are not required to report to or remain at work will be paid at their regular rate for regularly scheduled hours while the university is closed.

Nonexempt employees should record this time as "paid leave."

Regular full-time or part-time nonexempt employees who are required to work during a delayed opening, partial closing, or full closing will receive pay at time and one-half their normal rate for hours actually worked, plus paid leave equal to the hours worked during this closing. Alternatively, upon mutual agreement between the employee and the supervisor, the nonexempt employee may receive straight pay for the day, plus paid leave equal to one and one-half times the number of hours actually worked during this closing. All paid leave must be taken by October 15, or it will be forfeited. The time and attendance system is the official accrual record for paid leave for nonexempt staff members.

Employees who cannot report to or cannot remain at work due to personal travel conditions when the university is open may charge the time off to health and personal leave or vacation; make up the time within the same workweek at the mutual convenience of the employee and the supervisor; or request leave without pay.

Those employees on an approved scheduled vacation or on health and personal leave will be charged leave time regardless of the weather or the operating status of the university.

Temporary employees are paid for time worked only.

*ILR Outreach employees in other locations (Buffalo, Rochester, remote-work arrangements) should confer with their supervisor or Joe Grasso if they believe a situation warrants delayed opening/reduced hours/closing.

Download the NYC Office Closure Procedures Document (PDF, 181 KB)