It Takes Work.

2 posters. One reads, Changing the world Takes Work. The other replaced words with blanks: blank place, team blank, blanker’s rights, netblanking, blank around, home blank, blank flow, blank culture, your life’s blank, followed by the phrase It takes Work
June 08, 2018
David Yantorno

Thanks to you and many others, ILR has a bold new way to talk about what we do in the world. Starting this summer, we’re rolling out our new brand expression.

It Takes Work, the phrase that surfaced again and again during our 16-week branding exercise, is central to the cohesive visual and verbal style you helped us build. Nearly 600 alums, students and their parents, faculty and staff connected with our design firm, IDEO, through in-person conversations, phone calls, emails, letters, surveys and open houses. You talked, we listened. A 37-person steering committee helped guide the process and we tested our findings along the way with diverse audiences.

Now, we’re starting to implement the results of your investment in ILR’s future. It Takes Work to tell ILR’s wonderful story. Thank you for putting in the work, and more soon on how the brand expression is unfolding.