It takes work to shape our future

Advance Magazine Spread
July 05, 2018
David Yantorno

A sample of ILR’s new visual and verbal style is featured in the new edition of Advance magazine, which will be delivered to your office soon. The concepts you’ve been hearing about come to life on a two-page spread introducing the look and feel of the branding. This is an early expression of our branding and messaging framework that represents a flexible system for the entire ILR community—everyone on our campuses, in the institutes, and out in the world—to come together and find common ground.

The possibilities are far reaching in this new expression system. Imagine how you can apply “It Takes Work.” to your unique area at ILR, because, ultimately, ILR’s brand comes from all of us! It’s in the stories we tell, and how we tell them. But common ground needs tending. It’s up to all of us to extend the ILR brand.

Tell us what you think. Reach out to our office at, or contact us directly at or We look forward to helping you apply the new brand to your work.