ILR Messaging: The Story That Works

The ILR School is in the process of re-evaluating how we articulate who we are and the value we bring to the world.  Working with IDEO, the project includes a comprehensive review of our existing messaging and visual identity, quantitative and qualitative research, a series of school-wide insight sessions.

A small group of students, staff, faculty, and alumni serves as the review team. We will be seeking the input of our entire ILR community throughout the process.

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The IDEO Team Looks Out in NYC

Photo: Students at an IDEO work session

“To change the status quo, you’ve got to have passion.” That’s how one parent described the quintessential ILR student during a group interview. Participants were asked to identify the top two factors that make ILRies different, and it was unanimous: brains and heart. “They’re smart and they care.”