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Join ICS executive director and research fellows at the International HRM Academy, Singapore, May 6-7, 2014

Cornell University ILR School and King's College London

Be a part of the business executive forum that shares cutting edge academic research (often before publication) and new knowledge and  ideas with HR decision-makers. Gain insight and understanding into highly demanding, strategically critical, current global HR management challenges.

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ICS participation in the International HRM Academy
The Institute for Compensation Studies executive director and research fellows will be contributing to the International HRM Academy in the new year. The International HRM Academy introduces executive-level HR practitioners to new knowledge as it is being created. Academy faculty share lessons from their ongoing research and implications for strategic HR practice. The next convening of the academy is May 6-7, 2014 in Singapore.

ICS executive director and research fellows joining the International HRM Academy Faculty in Singapore include: 

Linda Barrington, Institute for Compensation Studies, ILR, Cornell
Chris Collins, Human Resource Studies, ILR, Cornell 

Through the International HRM Academy, HR decision-makers join a diverse learning community of peers from organizations with a truly global footprint; sharing and gaining new knowledge and expertise.

Participants can also earn IHRMA certification from Cornell University and King's College London.

From past Academy participants
"The greatest benefit was the high quantity and quality of discussion between practitioners on the various topics. All of the presenters allowed the conversation to take precedence which significantly enhanced the learning and take-aways of the conference." - UBS
"Thank you for a truly inspiring program." - KPMG

The 2014 forum includes the following themes:

  • Global HR strategy, metrics, analytics & ROI
  • Globalization, global firms & emerging management challenges
  • Managing workforce risk in an international context
  • Making reward work internationally
  • Effective talent strategy and managing mobility within the global organization
  • Creating inclusive and highly engaging teams to maximize value creation

If you would like to register for this program, please visit or contact
Stuart Woollard
Director, IHRMA
King's College London
+ 44 (0)7940 585 661