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Summer School Sponsors and Supporters


The United Association for Labor Education is an organization of labor educators who advocate education as an essential tool with which to develop new union leadership and to promote an understanding of collective bargaining and the right to organize for all workers. UALE sponsors the four regional Summer Schools for Union Women. The organization also publishes a journal, Labor Studies Journal, and holds an annual conference for all persons engaged in labor education, whether affiliated with unions, universities, nonprofits, or independent. Information on joining UALE can be found on their web site:

The Worker Institute at Cornell University

The Worker Institute at Cornell, based at the ILR School, is a broad forum for research and education on contemporary labor issues. The institute applies innovative thinking and a problem-solving approach to the workplace, economy and society, bringing together in collaborative projects researchers, educators and students with practitioners in labor, business, and policymaking. The Equity at Work initiative examines how the workplace is impacted by the evolving and changing norms of the social construction of gender roles, identity, and expression. This includes discussion of current and evolving workers' rights, the workplace contexts in which they currently exist, and individual, organizational and cultural interventions that promote and expand employment issues of respect, fairness, equity and justice. We seek to promote productive approaches to issues of diversity and equity which are fundamental to worker rights and instrumental for effective collective representation. Lending itself to a broad-based multidisciplinary framework within the ILR School, across Cornell University and with stakeholders, the initiative contributes to effective workplace equity models.

Summer School Contributors

We would like to thank the people and organizations below for their contributions and assistance in making the Northeast Summer School a reality:

The Berger-Marks Foundation & Carolyn Jacobson,

New York State AFL-CIO, and Mario Cilento, President and Suzy Ballantyne, Executive Assistant to the President - Governmental Affairs/COPE

Labor Lines, A Radio Program About Working Men and Women, the Organizations That Represent Them and the Communities in Which They Live, & Sara Fusco, producer.

NYSUT (NYS United Teachers), AFT & NEA, AFL-CIO,

CLUW, the Coalition for Union Women & Karen See, President,

Karen Oh, the talented graphic artist who created the wonderful logo for the 2013 School. She can be reached at

Arnold Press, a union press based in Ithaca, NY and Chris Becker who donated the printing of the summer school flyers.

The Cornell ILR Web Team and Caroline Hecht for her unwavering commitment to detail!