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UALE 2013 NE

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Program for UALE 2013 Northeast

The Summer School program includes leadership skills classes, workshops (details below), other talks and discussion opportunities, and evening activities. You will be placed in a leadership skills class, and will have the opportunity to participate in three workshops. Evening activities include Labor History Night, Fun Night, and other activities. Summer school instructors are union officers and staff and labor educators from universities and unions. Experts on current union issues are invited as guest speakers and will share their knowledge throughout the week.

Program at a glance

Workshop Information

The following workshops will be offered during the three workshop sessions. Please read the detailed workshop descriptions before you pre-register for workshops. You will need to specify first, second, and third choices for each of workshop A, workshop B, and workshop C.

Detailed workshop descriptions
Staff bios
Summer School program forms (including the workshop pre-registration form)

Workshop A (four days)

  • Advanced Grievance Handling for Troubled Times - Debra Bergen & Lisa Quarles
  • Collective Bargaining - Claudia Shacter deChabert & Anneta Argyres
  • Gripe or Grievance: Handling the Basics - Gail Richardson
  • Public Speaking - Adrienne Taylor & Rochelle Semel
  • Union Building: Tools for Strengthening Your Union from the Inside - Angela Ferritto & Brenda Webb
  • Work Shouldn't Hurt: Safety and Health on the Job - Wendy Hord
  • You'd Better Know Your Rights! - Robin Roach & Susan Tindall

Workshop B (two days - Sunday and Monday)

  • Global solidarity: Sisterhood Around the World - Gail Richardson
  • Innovative Organizing Strategies and Campaigns - Stephanie Yazgi
  • Keep on Keeping On: Working in "Non-Traditional" Settings - Leah Rambo
  • National Labor Relations Act: Rights to Unionize and Collectively Bargain – Risa Lieberwitz
  • Radio Waves™: Advancing Labor’s Voice - Sara Fusco
  • The Rising of Women in Union Leadership - Lois Gray and Yolanda Medina deJesus
  • Running and Winning - Lillian Clayman
  • Take Action Online: Building Strong Unions Through Social Media - Amy Dietz, Donna Schulman
  • Thinking Like the Boss: Strategic Research for Union Members and Organizers - Cassandra Ogren & Maya Pinto

Workshop C (two days - Tuesday and Wednesday)

  • Assault on the Public Sector – Linda Donahue
  • Be A Bully Buster - KC Wagner
  • Engaging Young Workers - Angela Ferritto
  • Popular Economics - Pam Whitefield
  • Retirement for All - Lillian Clayman
  • Shaping Our Message: How To Talk Union in Challenging Times - Dale Melcher & Susan Winning
  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act: Anti-Discrimination Law and Equality – Risa Lieberwitz
  • Union Member/Leader to Union/Staff: The Challenges for a Successful Transition– Claudia Shacter DeChabert
  • Wellness for Women Leaders – Kim Guillory