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UALE 2013 NE

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Housing and Dining

The Summer School will be located in Ithaca, New York, on the Cornell University campus. All Summer School activities and classes will be held in section of Cornell known as "North Campus". Classes, evening events, and meals are held at Robert Purcell Community Center (RPCC). Parking and dormitory housing are within a five-minute walk of RPCC. Participants will stay in Cornell University dorms (except for those who commute). Meals are provided for all participants at a Cornell dining hall. All rooms and campus facilities are non-smoking.

The fees for participants staying in a dorm (Options A and B) include tuition, housing, meals, and internet access.

Option A — North Campus Townhouse: shared rooms, $640 per person for the week

Each air-conditioned townhouse has one bathroom, a kitchen, living area, and two bedrooms, and will be shared by four union sisters.
View a description of the townhouses with photos and other information.

Option B — Mews Hall Dormitory: single rooms, $715 per person for the week

Private bedrooms are air-cooled (i.e. fans and cooled air, not air-conditioning). There is one bathroom shared by up to 5 individuals. There is a communal kitchen and lounge areas on each floor.
View a description of Mews Hall with photos and other information.

Option C — Commute: $450 per person for the week

The cost for commuters is $450 per person and includes tuition, meals and internet access.


There is an additional fee to park on campus during your stay. The parking permit allows you to park in a designated lot (CC or A Lot) located in close proximity to the Townhouses and Mews Hall. Parking permits can be purchased once you arrive to campus at the price of $6.00 + tax per day ($36 for the week).

Child Care

This year because of limited resources and a lack of child care providers on campus, we regretfully cannot offer childcare.