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The Worker Institute

Advancing worker rights and collective representation



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Worker Institute faculty teach undergraduate and graduate level courses related to the labor movement, growing inequality, workers' rights, collective representation, labor law, and more. The following courses available for spring 2014 are closely aligned with the Worker Institute's research, projects, and interests, with many of them taught by core Worker Institute faculty.

Migrants and Migration  
Work, Labor, and Capital in the Global Economy  
Workplace Health and Safety as a Human Right  
Politics of the Global North  
Comparative Employment Relations in Africa  
Comparative Employment Relations in Europe  
Employment Relations in Germany  
Political Economy of Postsocialism  
International Labor Law  
Work and Labor in China  
Crossing Borders: Migration in Comparative Perspective  
Comparative Political Economy and Global Debates  
Sociology of Work  
The Idea of Reform in America  
Labor and Employment Law  
Collective Bargaining  
Uncovering Corporate Strategies, Case Studies from the 20th Century  
Capitalism and American Democracy: 1880-2010  
American Left: A Critical History  
Gendered Workplace  
Workers' Rights as Human Rights  
History of Consumption: Wedgwood to Wal-Mart  
Unfree Labor: Servants, Slaves, and Wives  
Contract Administration  
Labor Relations in the Hospitality Industry  
Employment Discrimination and the Law  
US Public Sector: Shifting Power and Shrinking of Rights  
Workshop in Labor Relations, Law, and History   
Globalization at Work  
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